Monday, October 15, 2012

Travel plans - Eastern Iowa

We've been trying to head out to Eastern Iowa for quite a while now. "A" proposed in February and we wanted to introduce her around to the family. She's actually met a couple of cousins, and two of my three brothers simply because they've actually been in town (which never happens). My nephew's wedding certainly counts as an exception. And my brother and his family came into town for a school event for one of their daughters and ate at the restaurant where my son and his fiance work. My nieces and nephews come into town a little more often (guess they aren't the stay-at-home homebodies the rest of my family is.

"a" is spending this weekend with his father and one of the things I liked to do in the past when I was often in the area was meet his father at my parent's house... saves him some driving time and I get to visit with my step-father while I wait.  Since mom has passed, this hasn't happened as often as it used to and "a" keeps asking me when he gets to see pa-pa.

So the current plans are to take off a little before noon on Sunday, "A" wants to take her to a few places and point out some 'scenery' in small town Eastern Iowa... we'll probably point out the house in Mt Vernon, at least one of the schools he went to, point out the sights (haha) in Olin... maybe hit Jungle Town. We'll definitely get a chance to visit with dad for a while. We might poke our heads in at our brother's houses... We'll definitely grab supper at Hale Supper Club. And if I was a good girl, we'd even call my sister and see if she was up for a visit as well. Maybe hit her house on the way home.

It's about 40 miles each way further to drive around and visit family than it would be if I were just picking "a" up at our regular meeting place... but this gives us all a chance to visit... plus it'll be a lot cheaper than if we tried to make a weekend out of it.

So, an inexpensive trip to Eastern Iowa - coming up. Something to really look forward to for family time. And if I plan things right - my son will be doing the driving and I can sit in the back seat and knit. Double-win.

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