Sunday, October 28, 2012

Week 4 & 5 - ugh - rough couple of weeks

Things did not work out very well over the past couple of weeks. I didn't do very well with several of my goals and was incredibly busy. But, I DID manage to put away a few dollars for savings and even though I failed a few micro-goals. The key is to not give up.

So, what went wrong? First - I have been putting off some dental work for a while with the knowledge that I have some heavy-duty dental work expense coming up and I wanted to plan for it. While I was waiting two of my teeth (that I've had root canals on, no less) decided that they aren't ok with getting ignored. What do I mean by that? I mean that the root canals had been a failure (they didn't get all of the nerve) and they'd been uncomfortable for a really long time. Well, a little over a week ago, they went from not comfortable to extremely painful quite suddenly. A third tooth is also bothering me quite dramatically. I'm taking pain killers which is making me tired. And with my allergies, the only pain killer available to me is Ibuprofen or Alleve... and, honestly? It's not cutting the pain very well. I've been running around with ice, and discomfort.

As a result, plans kind of fell to the way-side. Lunches weren't very well planned out. I'd forget things and it just all kind of fell apart.  I go in on Tuesday to get the problem molars pulled and hopefully will feel a lot better shortly thereafter.

Anyway - here are the goals I had set for the past two weeks and my results.

Goal 1: Verify and pay off medical debt from 2008 Goal Failed

I did work out a short-term 'good-faith' payment plan of $50/month and they are hoping to settle for 80 cents on the dollar in January. It's at least managed - just not handled, unfortunately.

Goal 2: Continue to take lunch to work and spend just my $1/day for breakfast Goal Failed

There were two days where I forgot my lunch at home and was able to run home to fetch it. However, there were a couple of other days where I had forgotten my lunch where I didn't have that option. I ended up eating lunch at the work cafeteria one day and at the mall on the other day. As I had taken some time to volunteer with the Race for the Cure process fundraiser.

Goal 3: Find at least two new meals to try to cook. Goal Failed

I spent more than I planned on groceries due to the ingredients I needed to try a couple of new recipes. The problem was that I was going to grill up several chicken breasts one evening for several of the recipes... and I didn't get to it. Then I worked 12 hours the following day. Then I worked 9 hours and drove for 4 hours the following day... then next thing you know, I had raw chicken in my refrigerator for six days... um. Yeah. NOT edible. I should have left it in the freezer - but I thought it would cook easier if I had thawed it out first...  which resulted in all of it going bad.

As it was, next thing you know my teeth started to bother me... and I didn't feel like cooking anyway. I was too tired and groggy and the last thing I wanted to do was deal with it.  Thankfully there were lots of meals in the freezer, so while we still ate more fast food than is probably good for us this week - we also ate lots of leftovers as well.

Goal 4: Add $200 to savings  Goal Met

I still spent WAY more than I should have on way too many things. I feel guilty about a lot of it... but I can't let it keep me from trying to move forward anyway. It was just that we ate a lot of junk food. We spent a ton of money on some charity items... some of the food wasted... etc.  The good news is that because I've been doing better the other weeks, there was some money available still to add to savings. My goal is to keep repeating my micro goals as they make sense and keep adding to savings.

Goal 5: Try the new Red Heart Love yarn Goal Postponed

I'm going to put this exercise off until after November. I've got enough knitting planning going on that I really don't want to mess with this just right now. The good news is that at least I haven't spent any money on yarn in the meantime... so it's not that I bought more expensive yarn to experiment with. I did start a sweater with KnitPicks Brava Worsted weight acrylic - this had been bought a few months ago and not used. I don't hate it. But I also don't LOVE it. So, it's not going to be a great replacement bargain yarn for the yarn I'm choosing not to use any longer. In the future I'll try this new Red Heart yarn and see if it'll be a better option in the end. We'll see.

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