Sunday, October 28, 2012

Week 6 & 7 planning - what comes next?

Things got a little rough and I've had three weeks where things just didn't seem to go my way.

To help me with my motivation, I'm going to post the long-term goals here... and then pick a couple LESS micro-goals for the next two weeks and see if I can't make some progress anyway.

1) Pay off all debt - I keep getting close, but there's still some medical debts haunting me.

2) Have a better emergency fund set up than I had when everything fell out from the bottom a few years ago and I came so close to bankruptcy.

3) Save up enough money for a decent down payment for a house (previous house had been foreclosed on).

4) Raise a happy, healthy son.

5) Find healthy, easy-to-cook meals that we enjoy.

Micro goals:

1) Take lunch to work every day (that I work) for the next two weeks.

2) Trial run with Netflix to see if it will work for my family.

3) Find ONE new recipe to try, maybe with chicken again - only this time, we might try canned chicken.

4) Put another $200 into savings.

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