Friday, October 12, 2012

Weeks 2 & 3 - progress post

Goal 1: Cook 6 from-scratch meals at home in two weeks

Sunday - Taco Soup - not very good, tossed most of it (1)
Tuesday - Grilled Chicken and Mashed Potatoes  - didn't happen - ended up eating Frozen dinners
Wednesday - Chicken Tortilla Soup - made Grilled Chicken, Mashed Potatoes and Green Beans instead - (2) but I did cook up the Chicken Stock... am planning on making the Tortilla Soup on Friday night instead.

Friday - not planned - but made the Chicken Tortilla Soup. (3)
Saturday - Shepherd's Pie - didn't happen. I was just TOO tired to move. We ate leftovers.  Shepherd's pie for Sunday day instead.

Saturday - Spaghetti - didn't happen, again just too tired to think. 'a' had macaroni and cheese and I had leftovers.
Sunday - not planned - Shepherd's pie - divine. (4)I tried chili beans instead of standard veggies. Yummy! - only enough for 2 leftovers for lunches, but yum,yum, yum.
Sunday - Yummy Chicken Alfredo (5) - this was more of a throw things in and see how they turned out - they turned out pretty good. I'm not a huge fan of alfedo to start with, but 'a' loves it and he hasn't had that many dishes of the new recipes I've tried that he likes.  He picked out the corn and peas, but ate the broccoli, so I'm still calling it a win.
Tuesday - not planned - was originally going to teach; but class got cancelled - Spaghetti will fit in here instead. (6) - plus 3 leftovers for lunches - woot!


Goal 2: Take left overs to work for lunch every day - 10 meals

Week 2 - 5/5 days took lunch to work
Week 3 - 5/5 days took lunch to work


Goal 3: No yarn buying, no 'fun' buying, no browsing online and indulging any purchases
Tempted... I did find out that my 'knit-in' is accepting registrations. I've gone two years in a row. It'll cost a little over $100 to take full participation in the knit-in. This is a LOT less expensive than a lot of other options. I will probably be signing up, but not this month. I'll sign up in November instead (when hopefully most of my medical bills have stopped arriving). I avoided all yarn shopping sites and browing.

I did flip through the catalog for gift card wrap and candies and odds and ends that my son is asked to sell for school fundraiser. I don't need the odds and ends, nor the cookie dough, nor the brownie mix, nor the candies. I could use more wrapping paper. But I could also buy less expensive wrapping paper at the store (albeit lesser quality as well). Given my current finances, I'm resisting the urge to order any thing.


Goal 4: Identify opportunity for a weekend in Eastern Iowa - October or November
It won't be a full weekend, but we'll be driving to within 60 miles on Sunday, the 21st as it is. So, we're going to try to arrange to enjoy lunch at my favorite haunt - Hale Tap and visit with my step-father. Everyone is going so that the newest members of the family can be introduced around.

Goal 5: Don't dip into Savings

Not only did I NOT dip into Savings, but I spent far less than planned. As well as had two unexpected deposits to my account for $300.  In fact, I was able to build up the $400 checking account buffer that has been absent for over six months. My checking balance at the end of week three was:    $770

I am going to leave the $400 buffer in the account and was planning on moving the difference into savings.  But that was before I got the 4 year old medical bills. I'm spending a few hours this weekend verifying that I haven't already paid them. And then I'll use the amount I have in my checking to attempt to reach a settlement. I *might* owe about $1200 on the debt, and if I can get them to settle for $600 or just a little over, I can avoid dipping into my savings (still) AND I can mark it off as being settled.


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