Friday, October 12, 2012

Weeks 4 & 5 Planning

Last week was the roughest of the three weeks. Which I think is pretty typical. Being frugal often requires doing things that might take more effort. It takes postponing purchases that you might want to make immediately into a - maybe no, let's think about it wait.

Those aren't typically the fun things to do.

But if I managed to do frugality for three years and manage to work off a ton of debt, I can manage a few more to get to a point where I'm going to be where I want to be financially in the future.

So, more micro-stepping goals.

Goal 1: Verify and pay off medical debt from 2008

Either I already paid it off in 2009-2010 or it got lost in the midst of all the chaos. Between my checking account buffer and my current balance in checking, I should be able to propose a settlement offer. Either way, it should be history before these two weeks are out. My goal will be to pay 50% of it and get them to agree to that offer (if it's truly not already paid for ages ago). While dipping into the buffer isn't my ideal solution, I'm still not dipping into savings, and I can live with that option.

Goal 2: Continue to take lunch to work and spend just my $1/day for breakfast

Goal 3: Find at least two new meals to try to cook. My slim-list of meals I can cook from scratch are already starting to get old. is my new best friend.

Goal 4: Add $200 to savings EVEN with my expenses for cub scouts (woops), two long drives next weekend, plus payments for medical debts. Right now, I have more than enough money in checking to cover all upcoming expenses, plus the pay-off for the old medical debt.

Goal 5: I've been pointed to a new inexpensive yarn option that isn't supposed to be as nasty as lot of local shops acrylic yarns are. I'm going to try to pick up a single skein (under $5) to make a couple of charity hats and see how I like it. (The new Red Heart Love yarn) I've never been much of a lover of Red Heart, but if it's as nice as it's claimed to be, we'll see. Vast majority of my current projects are using yarn I already own and the rest of the year will continue in that vein, but I do have some projects starting in 2013 that will need an easy to get, affordable option... so this will be my test to see if it'll work.

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