Monday, November 05, 2012

New recipe tried - PF Changs' Lettuce wraps

RECIPE - Diced chicken, mushrooms, water chestnuts, onions and garlic stir fried with a soy sauce mixture and some special sauce.

Served on lettuce gives a good counterpoint for the salty/sweet sauces.

It turned out pretty good. But it took a good 30 minutes to make, with too much left over sauce that won't keep. Plus the ingredients were a little expensive.

I froze a little of the leftovers with some of the special sauce and I might try it over rice.

But I don't think I would make it very often - as-is.

I'm thinking that the four main ingredients might taste better with a different sauce - something less salty - less soy. I mean it was good and all. but I'm thinking it could be better.

I did end up eating leftovers a few days later at the office. I went downstairs and bought a small amount of cut lettuce $.60 worth... and heated the leftovers in the microwave and threw it on top. It was much better the second time than the first. I still think I would adapt the pattern a little... but it was pretty good.

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