Monday, November 19, 2012

Not coupons, at least not this month

I spent several years collecting, using and saving with coupons.

I'd monitor the ads that were coming out, the web blogs that cover the savings options, I'd get extra copies of the Sunday paper (especially the free with gas options).

I'd clip and sort. I'd even buy some online from a clipping service.

I also sent expired coupons to the military if I didn't use them.

When you combine sale prices with in-store coupons and/or manufacturer coupons you really can save money on most of the beauty products and quite a few groceries. I especially loved using coupons along with the previous program Walgreens ran where they offered rebates. If you agreed to get the rebate in the form of a Walgreen gift card, you got 110% of the rebate value. Since a lot of the items I got were free with rebate, it was like earning money for taking things home. With time, I built up quite a balance on my gift cards, and would primarily use them to get more rebates - churning that same money over and over again into more products.

But, they discontinued it. And they started adding a lot of new policies in the store which limited the ability to really get the savings that were there before.

K-Mart does still offer double-coupons days. However, it's not all the time. AND they've added a lot of limits to their program as well.

I don't have any grocery stores in the area offering double-coupons.

CVS still has (as far as I understand) some great options for piling up some savings... but sadly, there aren't any CVS pharmacies within 100 miles... they've pretty much been blocked from the area. Which saddens me when I view the deal options that are offered there.

Long story made shorter. Couponing is an investment in time. Even if you do it well, there's still planning and organizing and having the right type of ocupons at the tirght time challenges. Since at this point, I can't quite get the GREAT deals for the time, I've decided that this won't be the money-saving-method of choice just yet. It might be something I add in the future, especially if I either get better at planning my shopping lists first OR if I had better storage options for buying larger quantities of items.

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