Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Great Iowa Treasure Hunt

The Great Iowa Treasure Hunt

This was in the news recently again and I went back out to check it out again. Apparently, if a company owes you money but doesn't know how to get the money to you - they turn it into the State Treasury. The state department doesn't have the manpower and resources to track people down... so they hang onto the name and address and file the money away. Iowa (and many other states as well) has built a web site that you can search by name for this money.

It's free to search and free to claim the money.  If you find money, you just need to fill out the form and provide copies of identification to prove it's really your money - perhaps notarized signature for larger sums of cash... and they'll mail you a check.

I check it out every few years, just in case.

This year I found a little under $70 for my 24-yr old son who is a new father and living on a super tight budget.

His fiance's father though? Had over $600 sitting out there. I joked that I wouldn't be averse to accepting a finding fee.... lol.

But, really? Why not go out and see if your state has a site like this. You might find some money just sitting there.

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