Tuesday, November 06, 2012

The Simple Dollar

This is one of my absolute favorite blogs about being frugal, making smart decisions and figuring out what works for each of us individually.

The guy actually lives fairly close to me, so a lot of his anectdotes resonate with me.

But, he's ultra-smart about being smart about money.

I've learned a lot from him. Some of it is really common sense... but he's gone from being overwhelmed by debt to being debt free. He and his wife own their own home. She's still working full-time, but he's working out of his house as a writer and independent contractor so that he can have more time with his children. So, he really has walked his talk and learned a lot on his own.

I'm posting a reference to his web site here (the Simple Dollar)... because he had an excellent article today about his to-do lists.

How I Get Things Done article

But it's so much more than just getting his to-do lists organized and projects done on time.  He uses this method to KEEP his mind on the big picture. To track his goals, visions, and life choices on track with where he wants to be. By keeping an eye on the big picture, he finds it easier to find satisfaction in taking the small steps.

I've done the big picture thing - where I wrote down my big goals - and then did nothing to get there.

I've done the small step thing - where I try to figure out what-I-can-do-today to help me get to my big goals.

But then I really hadn't found a good way to tie them all together.

I'm thinking that this system might need a little tweaking for me, personally... but it might just help me when I have tough weeks to keep my eye on the prize and keep my motivation from flagging.

I know that towards the end of my rough weeks I started spending money a little more... and in fact, we've since eaten out a couple of times. Things have gotten mostly back on track and I'm feeling better. But there's been a lack of commitment lately on my part. I'm still meeting my little goals. But there's just too much space between my big goals and my micro-stepping goals to feel good about what I have accomplished and help me move to the next stage.

So, I'm going to take a couple of his ideas - specifically the goals and visions and put my BIG long-term goals there.

Then I'm going to do a 5 year goal list.

Then I'm going to do a 3 year goal list.

Then I'm going to do a 2013 goal list.

Then I'm going to do a next month goal list.

Then I'll still do my bi-weekly micro-stepping goals here online.

By reviewing these lists every week and making adjustments where necessary - I think I'm going to find it easier to keep my head in the game. At least I hope so.

Thought I'd share the idea in case it helps someone else.

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