Sunday, November 11, 2012

Week 6 & 7 - progress to report

My goals were:

1) Take lunch to work every day (that I work) for the next two weeks.
Goal met. 
I ate a lot of my frozen leftovers for supper on nights I didn't feel like cooking. So as of Saturday, I was down to two meals left in the freezer. Made Ghoulash on Sunday and have three more meals added to the freezer. Plan on cooking another meal on Monday (my day off) which means I'll have a nice stockpile started for the coming weeks.

2) Trial run with Netflix to see if it will work for my family.
Goal met
I'm on my trial run now. It's not any better/worse than Amazon Prime as far as selection goes. Still can't watch it via the Kindle as easily as the Prime worked. Yeah, I know. that probably has to do with the way the Amazon Kindle was designed to work with Amazon products, you think? And that would also be why if I had bought it, I probably would have bought a generic droid device instead of a brand-specific one that locks you down. But, I didn't buy this - it was a prize won... but now I'm still trying to decide a good way to use it.

3) Find ONE new recipe to try, maybe with chicken again - only this time, we might try canned chicken.
Goal met
Tried the PF Chang's Lettuce wraps at the beginning of this phase. It ended up being better after I froze the leftovers and when I reheated them, I threw them over some lettuce I picked up in the break room for $.60. I probably won't make it again though. It was ok. Not 'yummm'.

4) Put another $200 into savings.
Goal met and exceeded
I ended up throwing $400 towards savings.

When it comes down to it, I was less stressed these last two weeks. Part of it was because I ended up having oral surgery and that took away some of the pain and discomfort I've been experiencing. Part of it was that the money wasn't quite as tight. Which is weird, because I was still spending more than I wanted to... but at least it wasn't to the point of having to take back money from savings. Plus not buying lunch every day has really helped financially. Funny how that small step has made the biggest impact to date.

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