Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Week 8 & 9 Planning

OK - I am not sure I'm gaining much ground. But, I've definitely manged to stop losing ground financially (well, we're going to chose to ignore the hidden medical debt that is scheduled to get paid next year).

So, what's up for the next two weeks?

1. Continue with the basic stepping stones I've outlined before.
  a. Take lunch to work
  b. Explore a low-cost option for entertainment/hobbies/the like
  c. Put $200 per payday (bi-weekly) into Emergency savings
  d. Try at least one new recipe to expand my list of go-to meals to cook that are healthier than the frozen dinner stand by's

2. Try out the Remember the Milk tool
  a. Set up my financial long-term goals, along with the phased steps of where I want to be and what I can do to get there.
  b. Set up a vision board/list for long-term esoteric goals
  c. Set up a rotating to-do list for household chores/cleaning tasks

3. Set aside a large amount of time to start educating myself on MTHFR and what it means for me.

4. Apply for a new position with built-in promotion and raise

5. Identify the next cost-cutting *small step* I want to try.

I used to clip coupons, should I start that again? What about buying window insulation for the leaky windows in the apartment? Or maybe just decrease the heat in the apartment when I'm out during the day.  I'm not sure that all three aren't great ideas... I just don't think I can ~manage~ to take on too many changes too quicly right now. But I do think that some of the original small steps are closer to habits than they've been before. So, if I'm frustrated by lack of progress - it's only me standing in my way. So, one more - another small baby step. I'm probably going to write a few blog posts debating the pros/cons of each to help me think out loud - or at least - think publicly about it. For some reason - writing this all out helps clarify things in my own head so much better than just rehashing them over and over in my head.

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