Friday, November 23, 2012

Week 8 & 9 Progress

Basic steps:

1. Continue with the basic stepping stones I've outlined before.
  a. Take lunch to work - GOAL MET
  b. Explore a low-cost option for entertainment/hobbies/the like - GOAL MET - upcoming post on Netflix
  c. Put $200 per payday (bi-weekly) into Emergency savings - GOAL MET
  d. Try at least one new recipe to expand my list of go-to meals to cook that are healthier than the frozen dinner stand by's - GOAL MET

2. Try out the Remember the Milk tool
  a. Set up my financial long-term goals, along with the phased steps of where I want to be and what I can do to get there.- GOAL MET
  b. Set up a vision board/list for long-term esoteric goals - GOAL MET
  c. Set up a rotating to-do list for household chores/cleaning tasks - In progress

3. Set aside a large amount of time to start educating myself on MTHFR and what it means for me.
- GOAL MET, still a lot to learn

4. Apply for a new position with built-in promotion and raise GOAL MET,  a second job is getting posted in about two weeks and I will be applying to it as well

5. Identify the next cost-cutting *small step* I want to try. GOAL MET - Adding window insulation this weekend.

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