Saturday, November 24, 2012

Weeks 10 & 11 frugality planning

1. Basic Steps, continuing
a. Take lunch to work
b. Invest in Roku to expand use of Netflix/HuluPlus/Amazon Prime - for about $50 each we can stream to television which means that whichever streaming tool I invest in, we can both enjoy it on the tv. The boxes have been purchased, expect them to show up under the tree.
c. $200 into savings
d. Try at least one (hopefully two) new recipes that are healthy alternatives to prepared, frozen dinners

2. Move the revolving list to Google Calendar - chores to be done and when - easier to set up tasks in Google

3. Keep learning more about MTHFR, add an additional supplement to my list to take.

4. Install the window insulation as planned last week

5. Break my shopping trip into two stops. I've gotten lazy and I shop at HyVee which is a great store and always has my favorite brands and often has good sales going on. However, it is definitely not the low cost shopping store. Fareway and Aldi's are both close by... but neither tends to carry all the items I want to purchase. (We won't discuss Walmart... I'd have to be unemployed to think about supporting them again).  When I was first divorced, I would stop at Aldi's first, pick up the basics at a discounted price - then go to a different store that had higher prices but carried some of the brands I wanted. In general, the second stop saved a few dollars a week, which was critical at the time.

I'm going to try to do it with a little more planning this time around. If I look through the sales flyer first and identify the sales prices for the items I might buy at HyVee... and still stop at either Aldi's or Fareway first... I can pick up the items at Aldi's/Fareway if the prices were still less than the sale prices. If the sale price is better or the item I need can only be found at HyVee, then it can wait on the list until the second stop. I'll price items at both stores to see what I'm really saving.

Since they are both really close to my home, there shouldn't be much expense as far as gas prices for the savings.

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