Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas spending got a little out of hand.

I ended up having to take about 700 out of emergency savings to cover the overage. Which did not make me happy. Is it just me? Or is everything SO MUCH MORE expensive this year? I got a few deals and a few savings along the way.  I got $15 in Kmart rewards that expired on Christmas Eve that I've encouraged my son to use for his shopping, so they can have a pinch more for Christmas.

I think I did better for saving up for things when I had the envelop system in play.  I didn't use my checking or savings accounts. I cashed my paychecks and bought money orders. Whatever was left went into 'spending', 'Christmas', 'Emergency' and 'Vacation' envelopes.

I've tried earmarking my savings account... but even with a spreadsheet that said x$ went to y expenses, it just merges together. I did keep some of the money earmarked for Christmas in my checking account, but then in a couple of weeks before Christmas shopping started, I spent a little more on non-christmas stuff than I should have. Leaving me a little short. Add that everything added up faster than I expected and hence we ran a little short.

Hopefully tax refund will help with the recovery and rebuilding of the account, but I hate waiting for that. I'm fully expecting my car won't make it until Spring and I really wanted to use tax refund for a replacement.

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