Sunday, December 02, 2012

MTHFR - next steps

So far....

I've eliminated colabolamin B12 injections and stopped all alcohol intake.

I've added methylcobalamin B12, samE, and methyl Folate.

I've been pretty forgetful about taking my supplements... so I've got a 7-day pill box that is going to work with me to help me during the week. I'm putting the methyl B12 into my purse... and hopefully between the two, I'll be better at remembering.


In addition, I've found a doctor of chiropractic medicine that practices in another state, but does skype consultations and specializes in nutritional therapy as well as the most complex cases. She's come highly recommended. I've just finished filling out a 20-ish page form that asks a million and one questions about anything one can imagine. What I like about this - is that it's detailed enough to dig into the things that I might not include on a typical symptom list. But that might be part of the puzzle.

With my regular doctor, if I list off ALL the symptoms - his eyes start to glaze over about mid-point and then he'll pick ONE symptom and only one symptom... and that's what he'll focus on trying to treat. While I get why... the problem is that the symptom he'll randomly select will usually be one of the ones that I'm the least concerned about. So, I've gotten to the point where I only list off the two or three symptoms that are bothering me the most when I go in... so that he'll focus on what I want him to focus on. And of course, he has no memory (with hundreds of other patients) of the whole list of symptoms. When he reviews his files - he mostly just looks at the test results, which look so normal - he doesn't understand why I might have any concerns about my health - sigh.

The new doctor is starting off with the conception that I've been chronically, severely ill - and that she's hoping to help me find a way to manage my illness and try to feel better.  I have high hopes, even if it is early days.

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