Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sonic Boom Alarm clock review

Note: (I should probably add these in front of all my reviews)

I am not affiliated in any way with the company selling these items nor any companies making them. Nothing has been given to me in return for my review.

I bought two alarm clocks for my sons. The eldest is struggling with himself and his fiance getting up and not being late for work. Since he's never done well getting woken by an alarm clock, I thought this was a good solution. Since my 9 yr old is also struggling with getting up in the morning, and they were reasonably priced, I got a second one for him in the hopes to improve our mornings.

The buzzer is loud, but not sonic boom loud. But it's loud enough and irritating enough that it should be almost enough on it's own. Knowing just how much my eldest could sleep through though? It wouldn't be enough on its own.

BUT. The KEY piece of technology that makes this alarm clock awesome? Is that there is a little disk that's attached by cord to the alarm clock. You stick the disk under the mattress and it will SHAKE the bed when the alarm goes off. HOW AWESOME IS THAT?

Sadly, I still have to give this a mixed review. Don't get me wrong. So far everyone has RAVED about enjoying the vibrating alarm clock. But the problem is that they are enjoying the little 'massage' so much that they aren't getting out of bed - lol! And our first go with it with the 9 yr old? He woke up to the vibrations, enjoyed it. When it stopped vibrating, he fell back asleep. Um. Not exactly what I had hoped for.

But, I'm thinking my eldest is going to do better with it. Because it DOES wake you up. And he WANTS to get up and get to work on time. It's just that nothing usually would do the trick to wake him up. So far, so good. With the littlest, he didn't want to get up... so, being woken up wasn't a 'now I need to get out of bed' kind of thing. Which is understandable. I think at least what it does help for our morning routine is that he's at least not in the middle of a deep sleep when it's time for me to tell him to get up and get dressed and hopefully as he gets older I can expect him to become more responsible about doing it on his own.

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