Thursday, December 27, 2012

Trying something old

One of the recommendations (next step) is to start doing something twice a week to cause you to sweat.

Right now the chronic fatigue is so severe that exercise isn't going to happen right now.

A sauna isn't practical and with my frugality goals, a fitness club just to get to use their facilities isn't going to happen either.

So, another option was to take a hot soak with Espon Salts.

OMG. Seriously? Why hadn't anyone ever suggested it to me before? It seems like an old wives tale or something that people quit doing back in the 1920's.

But, holy cow.

My calf pain was at an 8. My arm & chest pain was at a 5. And I had a 3 for upper back pain.

During that 20 minutes? My arm/chest and back pain was gone, completely. And my calf pain dropped to a 1. A 1! It doesn't drop that low when I take pain killers. And they never work as quickly as 20 minutes, ever.

18 hours later, I am still not in as much pain as I was before the bath. I will definitely be doing this again!

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