Sunday, December 09, 2012

Weeks 10 & 11 - progress

1. Basic Steps, continuing
a. Take lunch to work MET
b. Roku has arrived - will be testing after Christmas MET.
c. $200 into savings FAILED - I actually had started off putting $400 into savings. But then had some unexpected expenses (dental work) which required pulling $550 out of savings to cover. So, down $150. But it's still better than I was before
d. Try at least one (hopefully two) new recipes that are healthy alternatives to prepared, frozen dinners FAILED  - things got hectic, and this really didn't work for me.

2. Move the revolving list to Google Calendar - chores to be done and when - easier to set up tasks in Google FAILED  - this didn't work as well either. Need to find another tool that might work better for me.

3. Keep learning more about MTHFR, add an additional supplement to my list to take. MET - though supplement #3 methylfolate ended up being a bit too strong... so I'm cutting it down to take smaller amounts.

4. Install the window insulation as planned last week MET - and the house is MUCH warmer and I've noticed the furnace running a lot less often. For as warm as it is outside? The furnace was still running almost non-stop before and now isn't. Hoping this helps financially!

5. Break my shopping trip into two stops. FAILED - sigh. Things had gotten pretty busy. I do want to start doing this, but it might take until after the Holiday's when things are less hectic for me to start dealing with trying to plan better on my shopping trips.

All in all? Not a great two weeks... but I do think that it's something I can still feel pretty good about accomplishing what I did. It could have been much worse.

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