Monday, January 21, 2013

Lack of Epsom Salt baths

My health likes to go in cycles. I can go several months of ever-increasingly improving symptoms or every increasingly worsening symptoms.

I'm in the latter right now - after having spent the summer in the former. While this set of cycles coordinates with the seasons. Careful monitoring has proven that while winter can depress me - it isn't a predictor of what cycle I will be in as I've had good cycles in wintertime and worse cycles in summer as well.

What I find interesting is that since I started the epsom salt baths - that my pain levels have stayed nice and low. This long weekend - we're staying at a hotel without a bath tub - but with a hot tub. And I spend a lot of time in the hot tub when I have one available to me.  My epsom salt baths have been every other evening for over two weeks. And by the middle of day two - my pain starts to elevate ever so slightly. So every other night works really well for me because before the pain has really built to a very high level - I have another treatment which is effective for pain management for a good 36-40 hours.

But, it's now been 76 hours since my last epsom salt bath. Mind you - I've had at least four hours spent hot-tubbing during this 76 hours.

But my pain is now at the highest level it's been since I started the baths. I will definitely be having my bath tonight, let me tell you!

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