Saturday, January 05, 2013

Short term planning - need a change up

The first few months, it was helping me to set two week goals... they fell in line with my paychecks and got me to the point where I wasn't digging into savings every two weeks. Most of the practices that helped me are going to stick around. But the problem with them was that they didn't help me with my bigger expenses that come up every year.

And I've struggled lately with sticking with the short term goals since it felt like they weren't working for me.

I have tried a couple of planning, task list, and managing tools online and none of them feel 'right' at the moment.

While I'm not giving up on living frugally right now, my health has been pretty much at the forefront of all my thoughts. It's hard to keep pushing yourself to do better financially, planning and otherwise when you feel like you have the flu every single stinking day of your life.

So, for now. My focus is health. As such, my plans are going to become monthly to fit in with my monthly 'new' lifestyle choice and to work on getting better. Since some of getting better is also to figure out what works for meals and the like, I'll still be learning new dishes and cooking more from scratch which is still something that can be done frugally.

In the meantime...

January Health goals
1. Meet with the chiropractor who specializes in nutrition
2. Get my medical records that were promised to me last month
... even if I have to raise a stink.
3. Add Riboflavin, Milk Thistle and Vit E to my vitamin regimen - as well as increase my P5P from 1/4 a tablet to half a tablet this month
... making one change a week.
4. Eat the Rainbow of colors from fruits and vegetables – daily
... well, I'm certainly going to try to eat MORE of these than I do now. Not sure I'll get to rainbow... but I have been trying new fruits and trying to eat all of the options I do like more... now I'm going to shoot for four or five servings a day instead of the two or so I've been managing.

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