Wednesday, February 06, 2013

I have tornados

You know how folks have their 'pefect' family captured in images that they've stuck to the back to their vehicle windows?  (let's put aside my two current issues with that - one related to being lame and worthy of spite and the other related to watching too many episodes of criminal minds and thinking that one ought  not to advertise details about their family).

Well, I was behind a vehicle on Monday that had two cyclones in that spot in their window with the words - "I have tornados"

I can relate. My not-so-perfect family is just the two of us at home... yet my house looks quite regularly like it's been hit by a tornado or two.

Mostly the 9 yr old is expected to pick up after himself (which he never does). And mostly he has to give up tv watching if he doesn't fix his issues with remembering to pick up after himself (which he will do over cleaning for a while). Then he'll suddenly forget he's supposed to help with cleaning up his messes conveniently for a while.  Then I'll have to remind him (sometimes with some penalties) of his duties he's forgotten.

I don't always do a good job of picking up after myself, as it is... so I can understand a few days of 'oops, I forgot I'm supposed to clean'.

In Ravelry ( - which is facebook for knitters... I'm starting a new group. We're going to reward ourselves with prizes, points and badges for cleaning.  Because right now, I play a virtual game where we combine knitting with the concept of Harry Potter... and those points and badges really motivate me to make more and more items with my knitting just to earn another badge or a few more points. And it's hard enough for me to convince myself to clean when I don't feel well and I can earn points for knitting which is always more fun than cleaning tubs or changing sheets.

I've found other like-minded crafters who just are looking for 'motivation' ... something that they can reward themselves for doing what they need to do around the house. I'm really looking forward to the experience. I know that even just a few days in with the group and talking about cleaning and routines has already started to improve the chaos that I live in. Mind you, it still looks like a tornado hit the house... but I'm starting to make it look like it's not as bad as it was... which is definitely a step in the right direction.

My group? The SPEW games (Harry Potter related, but funny on other levels).

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