Saturday, March 23, 2013

MTHFR progress - (half week)

I'm going to try to post progress/issues/concerns/benefits once a week - and weekends will work easier than during the week. So, guess I'll start today.

My supplements arrived this week. Several boxes, one quite large box.

On day one, I started with SP Complete Dairy Free and Zypan.  Both are from Standard Process.

The SP Complete is two scoops of powder mixed into a shake. I also need to add more Greek Yogurt to my diet and I don't really do 'regular' yogurt due to all those years of not realizing what it was about dairy that bothered me. I tried mixing it into some yogurt and fruit smoothie... it was pretty gross. I drank it, but it didn't go with fruit at all. So then, I had a gallon of Lactaid Milk and a gallon of Almond Milk to try it in. I haven't tried the Almond milk yet, so I tried it with the Lactaid first. Still not my favorite taste, so I added some chocolate syrup (might get me into trouble, but I could drink it down fairly easily). Diarrhea as a result because lactaid has stopped working for me to make it easier to tolerate dairy... understandably. So, I tried the Almond Milk last night. Other than the fact that it didn't blend up very well, it was much better tasting than the Lactaid Milk. I haven't drank it without supplements, but Almond Milk was definitely a win for drinking the supplement shake.

The Zypan is a digestion aid. I'm taking 1 to 3 tablets with every meal. More for larger protein servings, less for smaller meals and/or meat-less meals. The pill smell really bad, but aren't hard to take.

So, far, so good.

On Day two, the HMF Replete arrived  a probiotic from *** and I started it. I'm keeping the packets in the Refrigerator... and you need to mix it in with water to drink it down. Funny enough, it doesn't have much of a taste, clouds the water, but ... eh... not that bad. Anyway, I can actually drink the water with the HMF Replete without completely gagging. How sad is it that I can't drink clear, untainted water without gagging. But cloudy, supplement filled water? Yeah, I can drink the whole glass. WEIRD.

After the second dose of HMF Replete, my intestines feel like things are going on. No severe discomfort, but something's up... which is to be expected.

I'm still adapting to the Mediteranean diet. I need to work harder on getting breakfast options and better options for work. I'm switching to a new team in a new office in a week... and will be losing the cafeteria. I've been doing much better at taking my lunches to work and plan on continuing that in the new job. But now I need to focus on bringing lunch and dinner. AND making them Mediteranean diet specific meals.  I'm cruising food blogs and digging through some recipe sites online. By the time you have to do Mediteranean sans-Dairy and sans-Gluten, it takes a bit of digging to figure things out.

Most of the meals that haven't been diet-specific have been tied to convenience. I need to be able to grab food that is quick and easy to eat. So far, most of the dishes I've really enjoyed have been all super-quick and easy (so that's a blessing). And I've adapted my Poor Boy that I make once or twice a week to being Mediteranean Diet Friendly.  Still yummy and better for me? That's a win.

Still taking the epsom salt baths three times a week. Still going to the chiropractor once a week. Those two activities bring the chronic pain to a manageable level. It's the Fatigue and the constant diarrhea that tear me down and make it so hard to focus and concentrate at work and home.

I'm irritable and easily distracted... all I can hope is that this gets better in the long run.

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