Thursday, March 21, 2013

New doctor

So far, so good. She ran some pretty serious medical tests and was able to identify several things that would contribute to my all-around not-right health THAT CAN BE CORRECTED.

She's directing my new supplement routine which includes some of the same things that were in my recommended list that I was slowly trying to adopt. And some that we've negotiated to what I think I need based on MTHFR vs the versions she's used to recommending. 

I'm trying to switch to the Mediteranean Diet and cut back on processed foods. I'm also starting to cut back on Gluten. It's soooo hard... but the least I can do is try. Drinking more water without adding more sugar is not really working right now. But, I'm trying various infused waters to see if I can find a flavor that I can tolerate, we'll see. 

Right now, it's all about trying to fix my gut. I think I could almost kiss her for helping me with that. All the sites said you have to heal your gut before you take the supplements too far, but nothing I have tried in the past have helped... and lo and behold she comes along and has great ideas on just how to fix my gut.

I've got an enormous box of supplements right now sitting on my couch and I really have no idea where to store it/how to organize it, let alone remember to take it all. But I'm starting just a couple of things right now and am expecting to add something every few days... so we'll see. Hopefully by taking it a little slow, I can figure it out as I go.

I'm still absolutely loving the epsom salt baths. I'm taking them 3 times a week, 20 minutes in the hottest water I can stand and it's AMAZING how much it's helping my muscle pain. I still get some joint pain in my left knee - but I imagine I might always have to live with it post-ALC surgery. AND I still have more pain than I would like in my upper back... but hopefully, we'll figure out what's going on with that or if my all-over-health improves, maybe chiropractic care will settle it down a bit if it wasn't so busy dealing with everything else. 

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