Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Paying off debt

Thank you tax refund!

I filed my taxes early, got my refunds back early.

I used them for two things... paying off my last outstanding medical debt (from 2005) which I found last fall (thought I had paid it off, I hadn't.). I was offering to pay 80% (because they flat-out refused less). But they came back with saying they would waive all interest if I paid 100% which worked out to about 80.5% of the total. That worked for me.

AND buying the new-to-me used car (and fixing breaks on said used car). Woot! Still worried I'll find a hidden issue with the car. It runs better than my previous one. It's got 40,000 less miles, although it's one year older. And it's got all the extras - cruise control, automatic windows, keyless remote... all the things I've been missing (A LOT). And it doesn't need all the work my old one did. So far, so good!!!!

I'm still not technically 100% debt free. I also found two old credit card debts from back when... sigh.

It'll be a while before I'm in a place where I can offer anything even reasonable to settlement. They aren't pestering me now with bill collecting calls. So, I'll just keep quiet, and when I have a good 75%-80% of the debt saved up... I'll reach out to them and offer a 60% settlement. Hopefully, I'll have enough saved to negotiate and it'll be all good. I figure since neither seem to be accumulating interest and neither seem interested in trying to hound me to collect the debt. I'll focus on saving up to pay off the smallest one first. It might take a year or two. But I'll get there.

I also found one other debt that I'm not sure what it's from - but it's about $550.00. I figure that by middle of next month I'll have the money to spare without digging into my suddenly depleted Emergency savings. I'll give them a call then and figure out where this is from and work out what I need to resolve this one.

Since I've got some planning/saving to do for these specifically. And I'd like these settled before I buy a house. I'm changing out my house saving ticker on the right side for a savings/debt ticker for these.

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