Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Transfering to get a better pay grade

I worked on a team for over five years. During the first three years, my attitude was great, my motivation was high and I was constantly getting raises and/or promotions that showed that my work was appreciated.

Then there was some weird thing that happened where I suddenly got transferred to a different part of the team to do work that I never wanted to do and out of the work that I was good at and enjoyed doing. My attitude and motivation tanked. I was ticked. I was dealing with coworkers who had no desire to train me... and I didn't want to be trained... so I did next to nothing, instead. I talked to management and they had a mis-understanding. Apparently, my desire to understand the team better was construed as being wanting to transfer to the other part of the team (I didn't). It took about eight months before something happened and my old job became available again... and I got a chance to transfer back. But, honestly? Management kept messing with me. I stopped getting raises. Got told there would NEVER be another promotion and that because I was at a salary cap, no raises either... EVER. Talk about de-motivating.

I tried to figure out other options, but didn't really see a position that I was qualified for that would be available to me that would involve getting out of the scenario I was stuck in and make a promotion or salary increase available.

I started interviewing for transfer positions... mostly just to get interview practice and ended up accepting a position for another team in a completely different section of the company. They couldn't offer me a raise nor a promotion, but they told me that if I came over, I would get both within a few months (it never happened). But, for me, I felt it was partly a stepping stone. It would add more 'credibility' to other skill sets that would make me qualified for another position, no matter what team it was on.

The team that I originally worked for, everyone (except management) really, really wanted me to stay and hated the fact that I transferred out. In fact, some of my former co-workers got together and convinced their manager to come back and offer me a position.

It's a bump up in several ways. It includes a better title, and gets me a new salary cap. It includes a 15% pay raise, doing more involved work (the next step up) from what I was doing. AND it comes with an option for bonus pay (no guarantees, but better than no option at all). AND it comes with a virtually guaranteed 3% per year automatic raises every year (barring extreme circumstances, which if those never came up in the past six years, I don't think they will in the next couple of years).  It does come with a little more stress and rough working environment... but considering how BORED I've been, I'm eager to face new challenges. I look forward to working in a position where the days fly by again instead of crawl incredibly slowly.

Part of the opportunity comes about as a result of having actually left. It wasn't available when I was there... and it took a few months after I left, but they realized that they really needed someone with my skills on the team. My absence was felt, and the opportunity is going to be rewarding because they want to make sure that they provide what I need so that not only will I join the team, but I will be rewarded for my contributions.

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