Thursday, April 25, 2013

A tatste of my own medicine?


I'm struggling with a chronic illness that hasn't been diagnosed after I've been ill for almost eight full years.  And no sign of that changing anytime soon.

I'm struggling as it is with getting treatment of any sort, let alone anything affective.

And I'm struggling with family members who don't take my health issues seriously or feel that I'm just becoming lazy.

And I HATE it.

And I think I've done it to my 9 yr old son.... sigh.

He's been 'not feeling right' for two months now.  He is complaining of the same kinds of symptoms to some degree that I have. I intentionally avoid dwelling on my health issues with him, but you can't hide the fact that you are basically bedridden outside of working hours from your immediately family members.

He knows about my health issues because he's very astute and I notice that if I'm talking with someone else within earshot - he absorbs everything.

At first, I thought he was just trying to get out of going to school - it wouldn't have been the first time he 'didn't feel well' because he wanted to avoid it.

Then I thought maybe he was seeking attention.

Then I thought he was just exagerating.

But, nine year old boys don't lay down in bed the minute they get home from school for any reason other than - they really don't feel well.

I am so scared that he's going to have something so similar to what I have and have to go through all of the misery I've gone through on my road to try to get to treatment.  In fact, I wanted it so badly, I've been trying to avoid admitting that it's possible that he really is sick.

At least I have new insight into some of the people in my family who like to downgrade my own health issues.

So, next step. It could be something really simple and related to a dozen easily treated conditions. I'm getting him to the doctor. I'm going to hope for the best that it's something easily diagnosed, treated and cured. And if not? Well, he'll still have a mother by his side who will do anything in her power to help him. He won't have to face this on his own.  I just hope that it doesn't have to come to this.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Croudsourcing funding for Medical research

So much medical research gets put on the backburner due to funding.

The drug companies have to balance what they spend against how much they can earn and even promising drugs sometimes get put on the slow-track.

That's what's happened with a drug that's seems to have a lot of promise for treatment of Chronic Fatigue.

Please consider donating. There are literally millions of Americans diagnosed with chronic pain and/or fatigue and millions more who are undiagnosed that might be able to be helped to return to a productive, active, healthy lifestyle (and off of disability) if this medicine works as well as so many hope it will.

Friday, April 19, 2013

My dog ate my homework

Man oh man.... my dog ate my homework. Well, actually it was a form for my doctor that I needed to sign and mail back... but she ate it. She tore open the envelope and shredded the envelope and letter.

See.... the sad thing is I now know how to make sure she eats anything I want her to destroy in the future.... I had spilled a tiny amount of cherry koolaid (well, watered down kool aid) - on the envelope. She was SO INTO that smell that there was no way that she wasn't going to go for it.

So, I guess that's it... let me know if you need any homework eaten, my dog just needs a little bit of sugared up spill and she'll tear-to.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

MTHFR - week 3


I thought I was going to come in here often and post progress.

Yeah. Oh well.

It's been a couple of weeks. And not a lot of huge changes. Tons of new supplements added. I've broken down and ordered some small rectangular tupperware-type containers that I can label with a sharpie and have a Breakfast dose, a mid-morning dose, a lunch dose, a mid-afternoon dose, a supper dose, and an evening does for my meds/supplements.


Well, not a lot of change, just yet. I did spend 7 days without diahrrea. But, I had a period in December that lasted just as long without all these supplements. And it's been way worse ever since the break. Hopefully it'll get better again.

We'll see...

HyVee's new Fuel Saver program

NOTE: I am not receiving any compensation for this review.

I've been checking out other loyalty programs in the area... and I shop regularly at HyVee. So, when they created their new customer loyalty program - I signed up pretty quickly.

Here's how they set it up:

1) Each week they select key items in the store to promote. If you purchase x product this week, you will earn y number of cents off of the price per gallon for gas. The more you buy, the pennies off of gas accumulate.
2) Swipe your card during check out to claim the money.
3) Swipe your card when pumping gas at a HyVee station, Caseys Convenience Stores or select Shell stations - and the cost per gallon for the fill will drop according to how much you have for your current balance.

So, let's say you buy everything on their list this week... that could be $2.00 a gallon off!  Fill your car with 10 gallons, and you just saved $20.00. Sounds good, right?

Well.... it depends.  If you spent $30.00 on ten items that you wouldn't normally buy and don't want? Not such a great deal.

AND... since you're there already - what if you usually shop at Fareway or Aldis (the local low-cost grocery stores)... and you spend another $20.00 more for that weeks groceries than you would have spent if you had stayed with the lower cost grocery stores.

For me though, it's a program I'm definitely participating in. Here's the why.

I don't tend to shop at the lower-cost options because I can't get everything I want at them. When I was younger, more energetic - I would go ahead and shop there anyway for the savings. Then I would make a second trip to the stores that DID carry everything I needed to get what the other stores didn't carry.

The problem is that I don't have that kind of energy any more. It's hard enough to make one trip to a grocery store and I'll pay the premium price to get the convenience of finding everything I need.

But, taking that in hand... it would be silly not to take advantage of a loyalty program if I'm paying the premium prices. EXCEPT... I then turn around and pay absolutely zero attention to which programs qualify for the program. I buy whatever I'm going to buy and don't include those tags into the factors. I buy the brands I want when brand names matter, the quality I want when quality matters and the most frugal option I want when nothing else matters.

I swipe my card every time I check out, since I'm not paying attention. AND I swipe the card at the gas station every time I fill completely up.... and I almost always save 3 or 5 cents a gallon. Not a huge discount, I know... but it's a savings I wouldn't have otherwise. It's definitely not (IMHO) a reason to start shopping at HyVee over a more frugal option. If, however, you are shopping at a more expensive option - Dahls, Whole Foods, and Trader Joes come to mind... you might want to consider it. I know Dahls is running a similar program (don't really know how well it compares) - but HyVee has a great selection, they are running around the middle-tier for pricing, they have great organic and Health Food options.

So, like a lot of the other customer loyalty programs I've reviewed... I'm pretty solid with using the program, but not necessarily changing the way I shop to take more advantage of the program as the payoff isn't worth increasing expenses to get the payoff.