Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Going gluten free

General advice for folks with MTHFR is that you should avoid gluten and dairy.

I've been lactose intolerant my whole life. I still remember cutting deals with a little boy in elementary school, he got my full milk carton if I got his empty one - so that I wouldn't get into trouble for not drinking my milk.

But, I wasn't so certain I needed to cut out gluten. I didn't eat a ton of gluten to start with. I had a few regular dishes with pasta in them, a few mexican dishes with flour tortilla's... but I didn't eat much bread. Funny enough, I didn't connect the worsening of my symptoms to an addiction to eating Special K breakfast bars every morning and for snacks... but, when you first think gluten-free, without doing the research to find out what that means, it's funny what the mind skips over as possible issues.

And, I certainly never noticed any immediate, obvious reaction to ingesting gluten, like I did with dairy.

Several months ago, I started to cut-back on my gluten intake. I tried going gluten free, I did... but it was HARD and I wasn't doing very well.

Then I switched to the new, new doctor - and he said, just try to cut out the majority of gluten for now. And that seemed to take the pressure off.  Add dental issues, and suddenly, going gluten free got a lot easier. I've been gluten free for over six weeks now. The same six weeks post-MTHFR treatment and I'm feeling pretty good. Pain is dramatically reduced. Nueral isuses are gone. Fatigue is the normal, everyday life kind of fatigue and being slightly out of shape.

I snuck a dinner roll two nights ago. Within two hours my joints started to flare up. Two hours. It's still not bad, but it's still not back to where it was before I snuck the roll.

So, yep. I've confirmed it's not just the treatment I'm undergoing.... it's also the gluten-free diet I've adopted.

Hopefully within a couple of weeks, I'll be back to eating regular food and hopefully by then, the gluten-cravings will be still subsided a lot and make it easier for me to start adding more dishes to my diet that are still naturally gluten free. Eventually, I'll start looking at gluten-alternatives. Last time I experimented I had an allergic reaction... but since I'd tried a half-dozen new products, I don't know which ingrediant I reacted to. So, I'll have to focus on trying one new thing a week and suss out what I'm allergic to.

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