Monday, June 03, 2013

MTHFR - Continuted Progress

I've added Vitamin C (cheap brand, could probably invest in better) and ALA.

I've added back in 90% of the supplements I was taking a month ago (right now skipping the fish oil and the probiotic that has to be refrigerated.

Still on a liquid diet (thanks dentist.. sigh... five weeks total MINIMUM on a liquid diet kind of sucks).

But, I've gotten to the point where I can tolerate the pills and I'm doing REALLY WELL Health-wise.

After four weeks, I've only noticed a minor issue in mood. My pain is really low, my fatigue is barely noticeable (and seems more like a just-out-of-shape fatigue vs. sick-fatigue). I'm able to exert myself without having more pain and fatigue in the following days.

I've got some travel plans coming up - worst thing is trying to figure out what I'll be able to eat. It's hard enough being gluten-free and dairy-free... but add the liquid requirement and suddenly it's going to be impossible to eat at a restaurant. But, I'll figure it out.

On the work front, I feel much more able to figure things out and focus (which cuts stress).

On the home front, I'm taking care of chores that have been on my list of things to do for over a year. Very cool!

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angelduty said...

Thank u for your blogs, and gosh ! a single parent on top of it...Bless u moms !! xx (been there..done that)
penny, what is "MTHFR".....road back foundation, antibotic protocal ??
(they need to make these letters, #'s, bigger for "us " :)