Friday, June 21, 2013

Things just keep getting better - healthwise

All my nuerologic symptoms are completely gone. No more dizzy spells. No more numbness and tingling on my right side. Just gone.

All my gut issues are better. From having diahhrea 9 days out of 10, I'm down to one episode in the last month... and I wouldn't be surprised if dairy hadn't snuck into a meal at the time. I'm still dairy free and gluten free (and have been fully free for a solid month). I did sneak in a roll last night, with no ill effects. So, I'm going to stick to gluten free for three solid months (starting over again now) and if I can eat it again in three months with no issues, it's coming back into my diet.

The metalic taste in my mouth is gone. Thankfully due to teeth extractions, who knew that I was just testing all the old fillings? Considering I couldn't notice the taste when I wasn't eating or drinking - just when I was drinking water. Sadly, I'm still having some dental issues (and hating my dentist, sigh). But give me a few more weeks and hopefully, the worst will be over when I get the next set of dentures.

Pain issues, are still hanging on. But very mild. The pain wasn't my biggest complaint as it was. And it's improved. I'm down to a mild cramp-like muscle-like pain in my left calf -- there has been pain here since my Pulmonary Embolism. And while the doctors swear I never had a DVT in either leg, the truth is, I had to have a DVT somewhere... and the chronic pain in this limb is very similar to post-thrombotic syndrome -like pain. Just no swelling nor redness (which is good). The same leg also has recurrent pain in my knee. This is the knee I had to have ALC reconstruction in... and it's never been quite 'right' ever since the surgery. It doesn't hurt all the time... and more often than not, it's tied to barometric pain and seems to be 'joint pain'.   My new doctor is recommending that I check out Healthlight. And get a model close to $500 that I can apply to my knee and calf and see if it will work. He'd also recommend PEMF - if it was affordable (it's not)... so we'll have to see if Healthlight helps. Only, we'll probably be waiting a bit until I can swing the cost.

Additionally, I have some mid-back, upper-back pain that's started to come back. Chiropractic care has been 'managing' it... but it got REALLY bad right before my gall bladder surgery... and stopped for several months after (go figure, it must have been referred pain from that). But it's back now... albeit, much reduced pain than I've had before. My new doctor is recommending accupuncture for referred pain.... I found a groupon coupon for $25 for an initial visit... which I can afford... and since I didn't have any referrals for anyone locally - it seems like worth a try.

I also found a groupon for $20 worth of 30 visits worth of Yoga classes. Since I've been debating what and where I can afford to start going... this seems like something worth trying.  The only key is that you can only do ten sessions maximum at each location - but there are a half-dozen locations I can use this for... so I can try out a few studios. I will probably use this throughout this summer and decide on a gym to join in the fall if I'm still feeling amazing.

Lastly -the fatigue. OMG!!!! I'm still a little more tired than I'd like. But NOTHING. I repeat NOTHING like before. While moderating my activity levels, I've slowly started to expand what I try to do. I'm already up to a good, solid full hour of heavy-duty housework during working days!!!! And I could manage a good multi-hour working session on the weekends. If I get over-tired, I stop and rest and I'm recovering within a day or two. I took a trip to NYC and even though I was ultra-cautious about time / energy management, I still overdid it a little bit. But within five days, I felt like I was back on track to healing.

I cannot possibly imagine life without MTHFR treatment ever again. Seriously! This is AMAZING!

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