Thursday, July 18, 2013

Moving in next door

I live in a really quiet apartment complex. It's a little run down. It's a little under-tended. My neighbors tend to be either young couples or older women and/or couples. It's in a great neighborhood (though a little too close to the Interstate). And it's the least expensive apartment in the area that has decent-sized one and two bedroom apartments WITH A WASHER AND DRYER in unit. Which is awesome. Plus a nice pool. Plus a hot tub (though I really wish they could swap up the plumbing on it so the hot tub could be open year round... right now it's only open from Memorial Day to Labor Day along with the pool. It's nice, but who has a hot tub they can't leave in use over the winter?

Knowing it's a good place to live, my future daughter-in-law made a choice to move in. Not just into my apartment complex, but into the apartment across the hall from me. As in, she didn't want to move if she couldn't get that apartment.

Truth is, we get along well, really well. But I'm not sure we get along that well... lol. My son and I drive each other crazy when we live together. But thankfully, we won't be living together, just almost.

We plan on sharing wifi - I will probably need to invest in an extender on the wifi...

We plan on sharing school drop off and pick up duties... which means neither of us needs to pay for daycare.

They watch my son often as it is, and borrow my car sometimes and help with tending to my animals when I take trips. I watch their son often as it is... and help tend to their cat when they are traveling... all of that becomes SUPER easy when it's across the hall. We frequently have family game nights and make meals together.... again. Super easy to do when it's going to be so convenient. They come over all the time to use the pool at my complex now... and now... without having to drive over, they can do it anytime they have a half hour or so instead of when they have a whole afternoon. Plus sometimes, with only one car between them - they often get stuck at home without being able to drive over to come swimming... once they move, that won't be an issue any more.

Add the fact that both their son and my youngest play together well, and will now have a built-in playmate to do something together outside and my son might be more inclined to go out to play.

All in all, it seems like a really good deal.

Only they are really young. And they tend towards fighting if they've been drinking. And there is a lot of drama in their lives. My life is drama-free right now. Things are going to change. They move in on the first - AND they've signed a two year lease.... yikes. I'm hoping that with clear boundaries that things will work out as well as we both hope for.

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