Friday, July 26, 2013

MTHFR treatment, month three

So, things are still going well, but maybe not quite as great as before. Still WORLDS better than before I started working the the latest doctor -

1) L5Methylfolate
2) Methylcobalamin
3) P5P
4) NAC
5) ALC
6) Vitamin C
7) Vitamin D Oil
8) Cholacol
9) Protofood
10) Okra Pepsin E3
11) Zymex
12) Fish Oil
13) DF SP Complete (nutrition shake)
14) OptiCleanse (nutrition shake)

(Not a small list, by any means).

1) Cut back on alcohol (didn't eliminate it though)
2) Dairy free (as opposed to occasional little bits)
3) Gluten free (about 95% there, probably need to do a little more research)
4) 5 meals a day as opposed to 3
5) Starting Yoga & Pilates - doing occasionally right now, working up to 3 nights a week
6) Epsom Salt baths every other night
7) Weekly chiropractor adjustments (technically not a change, but part of the program as-is)
8) More frequent walking/longer walking. (i.e., was walking the dog 3 times a day x 5 minutes -- now walking the dog 2 times a day x 5 minutes plus once a day for 15 minutes - plus a 15 minute and a 30 minute walk every day at work)

Additions that I need to get taken care of... money has been an issue lately - so as I can get discounts and/or other options and/or the money gets a little more flow-y my direction-y; we'll address these.
1) Regular lymph drainage massages
2) accupuncture
3) purchase an LED light treatment device for chronic muscular/tendon-related pain

All told, my energy level is still vastly superior to where it was before. Not quite where it was two months ago... but pretty darn good. Pain kind of comes and goes. Epsom salt baths have helped the most... but the leg pain comes back at about the 36 hour post-bath mark with some severity as well as kicking up a pissy-fit if there's going to be any weather changes. The pain in the upper back - best described by a friend - feels like someone poking me between the shoulder blades with the end of a broomstick.... that's pretty constant and uncomfortable these days. I rarely am pain free there. The chiropractic treatment is helping a little... but within 30 minutes or so of treatment, it's hurting pretty bad again. Tooth pain is much reduced (but what do you expect when I only have seven teeth left and the rest are dentures. I'm having some denture pain, but am scheduled in a week or so to get fitted for new liners for the upper dentures and hopefully that'll help some.

All the peripheral nuerologic symptoms are down to a level so mild that it's pretty ignorable.

About the only other symptom I have that is still giving me fits is the occasional 'can't think' 'can't focus' 'out of it' stages. The issue is that I have a few hours a few days a week at work where it kicks in and I'm pretty useless. No one is complaining, thankfully I have enough good days and good hours that folks around me at work are excited I'm there to pitch in... I just wish I was able to be a good performer consistently and not get into those 'ugh' times.

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