Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Stressful situations

My new neighbors (son and fiance) are having issues... a lot of fighting and bickering and unhealthy relationship issues. The same fights keep resurfacing which means that they tend to 'make up' without really resolving the underlying issues... which makes it all so much harder for them to deal with things. Add being too young for the family they have, too little education to make decent money so things are HARD and the stress for them is pretty much back-breakingly heavy. Having them move in next door? I can feel the tension through the apartment walls. Add that about every other night my son is spending the night at my apartment because he either removed himself from the argument or got kicked out of his own apartment.

STRESS - seriously high levels of stress. I think part of my issue is that other than throwing out basic advice; and other than trying to convince them to start relationship counseling; there just isn't that much I can really do. I'm trying to not add to their burden's basically (so am not asking them to do anything new for me)... and helping out as much as I can.

They both had this evening free; so I'm babysitting so they can go out for dinner. They promised not to be out too late (but I am pretty sure their definition of what is late is probably not the same as mine). I took a 'mental health' PTO day without letting anyone know I was home so I could try to decompress... it worked (well, until the next fight). I can't afford to take a PTO day every week...

Part of my dealing with stress isn't always healthy (crave sweets and cuddles)... and I don't have any chocolate in the house right now; and even though I came SUPER close to adopting a lap-bunny from a shelter (only thing that stopped me was an allergic reaction to the bunny)... I didn't (which is probably a good thing in the end). I keep thinking about taking a weekend away with my youngest... but don't really have the money for it. I should probably try to find other ways of dealing with the stress.

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