Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Spontaneous dislocated rib and a trip to the ER

'bout a week ago, I felt a rib in my back 'pop out'. I went to the chiropracture thinking that perhaps I had simply sublaxed it, but nope... indeedy - it was dislocated. I was laying in bed watching tv when it went out.

I've had that happen once before (but on the other side). That time, I had severe shoulder pain that radiated down my arm for several hours... I thought I had pinched a nerve then. And had been taking it SUPER easy at work (i.e., doing something that meant I didn't have to move my arms nor head)... when 'kapow' - I thought I had thrown my back out. That time, it was four ribs that popped out.  Chiropractor helped me then, as well. Only at the time, he didn't believe me when I told him that they had popped out on their own (or he would have sent me to the ER). After about 36 more hours of utter pain and misery, I did finally go to the ER back then... and come to find out that while it's a rare symptom - that people with Pulmonary Embolisms can have their ribs spontaneously dislocate.

This time - there were no other pains... no issues with breathing. Just the over-all fatigue and leg pain that I've been dealing with for a really long time... so, like last time..... I went to the chiropractor, let him adjust me and put the rib back where it belongs and went home.

Monday noon rolls around... and I started to have shoulder pain that radiated down my arm. And pressure on my chest. And pain on deep breaths. I tried to convince myself since the pain was mild... persistent, but mild. That I didn't need to go to the ER. That lasted about an hour. When the pain wasn't going away... I finally went into the ER.

Let me tell you what - complain of shoulder pain radiating down your arm? And they press the red button at the front desk and I had two nurses meet me before they even got through taking my name. EKG came out normal. Normally this would be followed with a ct scan to rule out pulmonary embolism... but over the last several years I've aquired an allergy on the contrast agent they use for the ct scans. So, they did a vq scan instead - which came back normal as well. Chest xrays were also used as the spot in my back where the rib had popped out had gone from being sore to feelling pain free, to being QUITE sharply painful and while I didn't feel it go out again - dislocated ribs are notorious for wanting to pop out again... so they took x-rays to confirm that the ribs were where they belonged (which of course they were).

I'm home, working from the recliner with my feet up, sweats on, and the laptop on my lap... trying to take it easy. With only two days left before a long weekend... I'm thinking that this is just the ticket.

Sadly, today I woke up with a headache on top of the other symptoms... but at least I'm not running around and dealing with stuff that I don't want to deal with. I'm supposed to go back to the ER if things get worse... but the shoulder/arm pain and chest pressure seems to be pretty consistent. Hopefully it will all pass and I'll feel better quickly.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Online dating in your 40's

I tell you what - online dating isn't what it used to be.

I still get a lot of flattery, which is ego-boosting and feel-good.

But, I'm getting a TON of folks who don't read the 'what are you looking for' section... and are assuming that I'm up for some casual do-me-tonight kind of fling.

I've had no LESS than five guys send me full frontal pics. Seriously? What are you two? Did you just discover that you have one and not everyone does and need to show it to me? It drives me nuts. First off, it's honestly not the best looking feature on a man's body. Secondly, unless I'm naked and horny in a room with you? I don't want to see it. Thirdly? I have a six year old and ten year old boy borrowing my phone CONSTANTLY to play games on it. I can't have photos like that on there!!!!

I've had at least six guys who just wanted phone sex. Pretty sure that I'm into it, if I'm already intimate with you and we can't be together. But, a stranger on the phone? Dude, call a 1-900 line... because those girls deserve the cash because it's NOT THAT FUN if I'm never going to be having sex with you in real life.

I've had at TWO guys ask me or insinuate that they need money. Seriously? Do women really fall for scams like that? How sad is that?  I had two other guys who were totally lying about their location. Not sure if they were looking for phone sex or trying to decide if they could scam me... it never got that far. What is the point of lying about where you live? Did you already use up all the good contacts in your area???  Or just trolling for someone weak?

I met a guy that seemed nice enough, well, until I realized he wasn't actually separated... but was still married.

I have met a couple of nice guys. One showed up to a nice place with a bandana on his head and no less than six pieces of biker jewelry on him. He then spent an hour talking about his single, female boss. I would have left my drink unfinished and called it a night, but to be completely honest? I'd taken a benedryl and sat there in a daze totally out of it. Somehow we ended up having dinner together...?  And yeah. Then it was time to call it a night because I was so out of zone. He had a nice time? I was a zombie and he thought it was a good date? Sad.

The other guy ended up really just wanting a hook up. I get it, I do... but for women? It's rare that it's REALLY good the first time we're with you. It usually takes us a little while to build up to a little more excitement. I'm pretty sure this isn't for me. If I wanted a hook up??? I'd go to the bar, at least then I can pick up the sexiest guy in the bar and get to use alcohol as an excuse the next morning.  If I hook up with a guy totally sober? And it stinks? Well, then it's depressing and I have no one to blame but myself.  I'll save my hook ups when I break down and do them for random strangers in an alcohol-indused frenzy, thank you very much.

Of course, there have been worse examples in the not-so-distant past. There was the gay guy who thought an older woman would cure his affliction.... blamed the ED on too much to drink (guys...psssst. Here's a secret. If you're going to use that excuse, drink something alcoholic. We don't believe you if you've only had Pepsi and water to drink all night.)

I've had two guys that turned stalker on me... hence why everyone gets my cell phone number only. No last name, no address, no details until you prove your sanity. And if you can't understand why a single mom might need to keep some private things private until I know the stranger I just met online just a bit better???? Well, then seriously? Reality is what it is... and I didn't live this long by taking stupid chances. Right now, if you turn into a freak all I have to do is rename your contact on my cell to 'do not answer' and I never have to talk to you again.  I had one guy who really REALLY wanted to come by and get laid one night... his excuse as to why I ought to trust him??? Was that he couldn't be a weirdo, he has a girlfriend. Dude. You just told me that you have a girlfriend. Since I'm looking for a future boyfriend (preferrably one that doesn't cheat on me or his other girlfriends)... I'm thinking that the answer is REALLY NO now. duh.

I've had three guys EXPLODE in anger over my having to work around my son's working schedule so he could babysit and/or last minute plans changing meaning I had to babysit their son...  honestly? Sh*t happens. And it happens in my life an awful lot. If you can't handle a few delays with tact and decency??? I'm not interested in spending more time with you. You can express irritation and/or frustration and/or a wish that you didn't have to wait a little longer to meet me... without calling me names and treating me like dirt. Because, honestly? If that's all it takes to set you off, you are too much drama for me.

NOTE: Worst case scenario? The online dating story that  is becoming my friend's favorite go-to online dating horror story? We'll save that for another post (once I double-check it isn't already in the archives).

All in all? It's been kind of an ego-boost. I know I look younger than my age, and I know that I'm not exactly beautiful, but kinda cute. And having a dozen guys lusting after you is fun and all... but there's still a lot of weeding through the jerks.

I don't think I'm asking for the moon. I'd like to find an attractive, sexy guy who would enjoy going out sometimes and staying in sometimes and taking it easy. Not looking for forever, but not looking for one night stands either (well, unless you suck in bed, then you probably won't get a second shot).  I'm finally at the point where I would consider a guy a possibility for boyfriend potential... but am also at the stage of getting irritated by the annoying men who are so self-involved they can't understand that online dating isn't just a cheaper way of getting off than paying a prostitute or for phone sex. If we are looking just to get laid? Most of us women don't have to go through the work of online dating ads just for sex. If we're making the effort, chances are we're looking for more than just sex and/or wierdo's who will make our lives miserable.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Follow up on cutting cable - Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime

It's been a good summer. And now that fall season tv has started back up again - I thought I would share some random thoughts.

1) Hulu Plus ? My best friend, perhaps for life. Seriously LOVE being able to watch 90% of my TV favorite series shortly after they've been played. Not so keen on the ones that are web-only as I love, love, love my Roku device for watching it and just don't love watching on the laptop as much.

2) I'm retrying the Amazon Prime  on the Roku. Mostly because free shipping on Amazon means I actually get my packages as opposed to them being returned because I'm not home (seriously? What is with that - but 'eh'). I still have to decide if I'm going to keep it. I don't tend to shop online at Amazon that often due to the issues with getting deliveries before. But might do more now. We'll see. I'm finding the movie/tv selection options pretty limited and hard to justify the addition of Amazon Prime to the Hulu Plus and Netflix I'm already paying for.

3) I am, however, in the process of buying an episode at a time of Big Bang Theory (I wish Amazon had the current season available to buy in one go). But honestly? Buying episodes on Amazon don't require the Prime membership. And I should probably check on Crackle... buying the season is usually less expensive and I bet they have it.

3) Found the series Misfits on Hulu Plus. While I don't love all the changing casts over the seasons and think the overall plot is 'eh' at best... but they've had some EXCELLENT plot lines. It has a ton of funny scenes (as soon as you can understand some of the actors heavy accents). Add an out-of-the-world AMAZING tv sex scene between Simon and Alisha in Season 3? I get that this is a British show and I'm in the US... and all that. And all of that means that there's more flesh and more steam. But OMB. I am now half in love with (along with millions of other viewers) Iwan Rheon now. He's good looking enough without trying and hunky-ish ... but flipping through google images of him doesn't do him justice. The sex scene was steamy (and then some)... but it's more than that. It's that he did such a convincing 'virgin/weirdo/freak' BEFORE the plot twist and an OMB take-me-now-hunk AFTER the plot twist that when you add SUPER STEAMY best-sex-of-your-life kind of memory sex scene? And I'm now hooked (and those two characters aren't even in the later seasons - lol). And I might just have downloaded a particular scene for replay. Just maybe. Just might have to watch it again tonight. Seriously. If I met a guy that looked at me the way he looks at her? I'd consider having a relationship again.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Kids and furniture

I have bought only one brand-new couch from a furniture store. Bought on credit and it was 'ok' for the first few years... a bit rough and hard to deal with for a few years after that. 'good enough' for the family room in the basement when it was only my teenage son and his friends hanging out in the basement. LEFT in that basement when we moved because it was WAY to heavy to lift and WAY to broken to bother (sorry for the that sent out electronically to the poor folks that bought the house next and had to clean it out).

Since then? Virtually every couch I've ever had has come from Craigslist.

They weren't the 'top' of the style.

They didn't last quite as long as a new piece of investment furniture would.

But they are dirt-cheap.

And you don't feel like taking flesh off of the hides of the kids, dog, cat that scratched, peed on, spilled pink-dye-filled-yogurt on the couch.

And if you are patient... you can find something that fits your 'style' and meets your needs.

Ten years ago when I first had a living room and a family room (see first paragraph)... I found a couch and loveseat that was gently used on craigslist for about $150. We agreed on the price, I got there to look it over... and at the end of the transaction, she wouldn't accept any payment for the furniture. She decided that giving it to a family who needed it was more rewarding. I couldn't convince her that I was buying it used not because I couldn't afford new - but because I felt that the value was better buying used. At the end of the day, I still wanted the furniture... so we went with it.

That furniture got a little worn and rough... so after six years I tossed it and borrowed my son's used couch temporarily.

Within a few months, I found a new couch and loveseat (again on craigslist) that had removable denim covers (awesome). Just my style and easy care? I was sold. I spent about $200 on this set. It was faded, but in good condition. With over-the-top wear and tear - the loveseat got disposed of shortly... (add a busted cushion from it falling out of the truck on the way home from picking it up)... and the couch lasted until now.

But, removable covers aside - the rest of the couch just isn't coming clean. Too many spills when I wasn't up-to finding them and cleaning them... and yeah. It's just not clean enough... it's kind of gross and I never want to sit on it.

I started looking for a replacement and didn't really see what I wanted. Started thinking about buying new... but by the time I find what I want - I'm looking at spending close to $2000 for the couch and recliner that I want. NOT what I want.

Started to think that maybe I could find a recliner on craigslist and replace the couch later.

In my search for the recliner? I find a listing for a reclining sofa and a recliner - and the only difference between this one and the one for $2000? (well besides being gently used)  is the craigslist one is in blue vs. the new one in brown fabric. For $100 - I can live with blue. I offered the guy an extra $25 and paying him in cash? And he's delivering the furniture to my place tomorrow.

I feel like I got a great deal. Now to deal with 'cleaning' out the furniture in the living room tonight so that when he arrives - it can be dropped into place.

Gotta love Craigslist!


Oh the tides, they are a'fallin'.

I have found that my health cycles. And I'm falling down right now.

I do think that this past summer I was healthier than I have been for years.

I can only hope that as I am falling into this cycle of regression that it will be mild and short-lived.

I need to call my specialist again - am waiting to set up a follow-up appointment and discuss my current concers.

1) Adrenal support is still REALLY hard to tolerate. I feel like my engine is revving at 90 mph; but am unable to get out of first gear. The energy just revs and revs and yet, being able to do the simplest task - like putting away groceries wipes me out for hours.

2) Dizziness... it's back and it's bad. It's not the 'normal for me' dizzy spells which occur with head movements while I'm walking.... instead, I'm having difficulty while lying down. Any head/body movement while I'm not inclined? Totally rough. The good news is I am unlikely to fall since I'm already prone. But, it's not a good way to get comfortable to go to sleep at night.

3) Fatigue - I'm back to about 60% energy level down from 90%. Better than 10% ; but yuck.

4) leg, arm & back pain; headaches. miserable, but able to walk without limping for the most part

5) Brain fog... it's coming back. At it's worst - I can't type or talk with any ability to clearly communicate. It can take HOURS to get to the point where I can put together a sentence and then fix the typing errors. Thankfully, it's worst in the morning and better by mid-afternoon... hence my post is mid-afternoon. And thankfully work still lets me 'schedule' when I do certain types of activities as long as I get to the high priority items as early as physically possible. Thankfully I'm a fairly bright person to start with... because seriously? feeling brain damaged as it is - means that at least I can still do a decent job at work with the brainpower left. If I wasn't as smart as I am? I'm pretty sure I would have been let go by now with the issues I'm experiencing.

I am teaching part-time; and struggling. The day after class is 99% waste of effort to even try to work. As much as I enjoy the work - I'm just not sure it's going to be feasible to keep doing this if I'm still in a slump. I've got one more class next week - then a break until January. I'm going to hold  crossed fingers that my regression in this  health issue receeds before January. If not - I think I'll teach the first class and cancel the second class. I don't want to keep pushing myself if it just makes me worse in the end.

ETA: 6) Blurred vision. I knew I needed to put my current list of symptoms down - as my brain fog helps me forget things. I keep having episodes where I'm having trouble focusing. Everything in the world goes blurry. I have to look out further away and blink a bunch and can usually start focusing on whatever it is I need to see. So far, it's been primarily while on the PC/watching tv. Thankfully not while I'm driving. If that starts happening, I might need to start asking for help getting to and from work.

My ten year old wants to write a book

He brought me his entire collection of Diary of a Whimpy Kid books and Bad Kitty.

Our first 'chapter' will be buying and subsequently repeatedly chasing the super-fast hamster that now makes his home with us.

I'm pretty excited about the project. I'm not so sure he is. But it was his idea. So, we're running with it.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Health issues getting worse - should be having a follow up appointment soon

About the only thing that changed (besides weather turning colder)... is that I started to work on adding supplements to support my adrenals which are all backward in test results.

It triggered some negative side effects... tremors, twitches, and spasms. So, I cut clear back and started again. The fatigue is worse. The muscle pains are getting worse and worse. And add amazingly bad dizzy spells. sigh

Headaches and back are worse again (those are probably 99% stress-related).

Still doing chiropractic care and acupuncture... Interestingly enough the acupuncture seemed to immediately help some chronic pain in my left arm. Acupuncture also measured what she felt was a 'blockage' that was keeping the new energy feeding into my system from traveling through. Most of what she said was pretty cryptic... but she was going to make some adjustments. Pretty sure it's not done much at this point yet.

The good news is that stress levels are receeding a bit. My son's new job keeps him pretty busy and he and his fiance aren't fighting as much. Add that two weekends ago - my son & I spent the weekend in Eastern Iowa - there was a baby shower and a feel of the need to get out of dodge. Last weekend, I spent at a knitting retreat (very helpful for destressing - not so much for keeping my activity levels low). And this weekend I spent doing pretty much next to nothing - plus it was a three day weekend - so I totally vegged out.

Hopefully a follow up with my specialist will help come up with some recommendations to make this fall a little more tolerable.

Monday, November 04, 2013

Turbo hamster

I had hamsters as a child... I had a LOT of hamsters as a young adult (ex swore he could tell male from female.... He couldn't).

My eldest had dwarf hamsters when he was young. So when little 'a' was old enough we went to the store and I let him pick out any hamster he wanted. I did notice that the hamster he picked out was small. I also noticed that the label on the cage was not dwarf.... But I paid little attention to the label 'robos'.

And funny enough no one at the pet store thought to give me a single word of warning.

Little Digger Turbo (he digs a lot and is really fast) got out of his cage this weekend. Again. Did I mention he was fast?

Go check it out on wikipedia..... I'll wait.


You would think they should warn people about what you are in for.... Just saying.

The comment 'are known for their speed' doesn't do it justice. They are like ten times faster than the other hamsters. Just as we would get him cornered one if us would say.... he's over here.... Then follow it with ..... And there he goes..... As he would again fly past us faster than we could react.