Friday, November 15, 2013

Follow up on cutting cable - Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime

It's been a good summer. And now that fall season tv has started back up again - I thought I would share some random thoughts.

1) Hulu Plus ? My best friend, perhaps for life. Seriously LOVE being able to watch 90% of my TV favorite series shortly after they've been played. Not so keen on the ones that are web-only as I love, love, love my Roku device for watching it and just don't love watching on the laptop as much.

2) I'm retrying the Amazon Prime  on the Roku. Mostly because free shipping on Amazon means I actually get my packages as opposed to them being returned because I'm not home (seriously? What is with that - but 'eh'). I still have to decide if I'm going to keep it. I don't tend to shop online at Amazon that often due to the issues with getting deliveries before. But might do more now. We'll see. I'm finding the movie/tv selection options pretty limited and hard to justify the addition of Amazon Prime to the Hulu Plus and Netflix I'm already paying for.

3) I am, however, in the process of buying an episode at a time of Big Bang Theory (I wish Amazon had the current season available to buy in one go). But honestly? Buying episodes on Amazon don't require the Prime membership. And I should probably check on Crackle... buying the season is usually less expensive and I bet they have it.

3) Found the series Misfits on Hulu Plus. While I don't love all the changing casts over the seasons and think the overall plot is 'eh' at best... but they've had some EXCELLENT plot lines. It has a ton of funny scenes (as soon as you can understand some of the actors heavy accents). Add an out-of-the-world AMAZING tv sex scene between Simon and Alisha in Season 3? I get that this is a British show and I'm in the US... and all that. And all of that means that there's more flesh and more steam. But OMB. I am now half in love with (along with millions of other viewers) Iwan Rheon now. He's good looking enough without trying and hunky-ish ... but flipping through google images of him doesn't do him justice. The sex scene was steamy (and then some)... but it's more than that. It's that he did such a convincing 'virgin/weirdo/freak' BEFORE the plot twist and an OMB take-me-now-hunk AFTER the plot twist that when you add SUPER STEAMY best-sex-of-your-life kind of memory sex scene? And I'm now hooked (and those two characters aren't even in the later seasons - lol). And I might just have downloaded a particular scene for replay. Just maybe. Just might have to watch it again tonight. Seriously. If I met a guy that looked at me the way he looks at her? I'd consider having a relationship again.

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