Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Health issues getting worse - should be having a follow up appointment soon

About the only thing that changed (besides weather turning colder)... is that I started to work on adding supplements to support my adrenals which are all backward in test results.

It triggered some negative side effects... tremors, twitches, and spasms. So, I cut clear back and started again. The fatigue is worse. The muscle pains are getting worse and worse. And add amazingly bad dizzy spells. sigh

Headaches and back are worse again (those are probably 99% stress-related).

Still doing chiropractic care and acupuncture... Interestingly enough the acupuncture seemed to immediately help some chronic pain in my left arm. Acupuncture also measured what she felt was a 'blockage' that was keeping the new energy feeding into my system from traveling through. Most of what she said was pretty cryptic... but she was going to make some adjustments. Pretty sure it's not done much at this point yet.

The good news is that stress levels are receeding a bit. My son's new job keeps him pretty busy and he and his fiance aren't fighting as much. Add that two weekends ago - my son & I spent the weekend in Eastern Iowa - there was a baby shower and a feel of the need to get out of dodge. Last weekend, I spent at a knitting retreat (very helpful for destressing - not so much for keeping my activity levels low). And this weekend I spent doing pretty much next to nothing - plus it was a three day weekend - so I totally vegged out.

Hopefully a follow up with my specialist will help come up with some recommendations to make this fall a little more tolerable.

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