Thursday, November 14, 2013

Kids and furniture

I have bought only one brand-new couch from a furniture store. Bought on credit and it was 'ok' for the first few years... a bit rough and hard to deal with for a few years after that. 'good enough' for the family room in the basement when it was only my teenage son and his friends hanging out in the basement. LEFT in that basement when we moved because it was WAY to heavy to lift and WAY to broken to bother (sorry for the that sent out electronically to the poor folks that bought the house next and had to clean it out).

Since then? Virtually every couch I've ever had has come from Craigslist.

They weren't the 'top' of the style.

They didn't last quite as long as a new piece of investment furniture would.

But they are dirt-cheap.

And you don't feel like taking flesh off of the hides of the kids, dog, cat that scratched, peed on, spilled pink-dye-filled-yogurt on the couch.

And if you are patient... you can find something that fits your 'style' and meets your needs.

Ten years ago when I first had a living room and a family room (see first paragraph)... I found a couch and loveseat that was gently used on craigslist for about $150. We agreed on the price, I got there to look it over... and at the end of the transaction, she wouldn't accept any payment for the furniture. She decided that giving it to a family who needed it was more rewarding. I couldn't convince her that I was buying it used not because I couldn't afford new - but because I felt that the value was better buying used. At the end of the day, I still wanted the furniture... so we went with it.

That furniture got a little worn and rough... so after six years I tossed it and borrowed my son's used couch temporarily.

Within a few months, I found a new couch and loveseat (again on craigslist) that had removable denim covers (awesome). Just my style and easy care? I was sold. I spent about $200 on this set. It was faded, but in good condition. With over-the-top wear and tear - the loveseat got disposed of shortly... (add a busted cushion from it falling out of the truck on the way home from picking it up)... and the couch lasted until now.

But, removable covers aside - the rest of the couch just isn't coming clean. Too many spills when I wasn't up-to finding them and cleaning them... and yeah. It's just not clean enough... it's kind of gross and I never want to sit on it.

I started looking for a replacement and didn't really see what I wanted. Started thinking about buying new... but by the time I find what I want - I'm looking at spending close to $2000 for the couch and recliner that I want. NOT what I want.

Started to think that maybe I could find a recliner on craigslist and replace the couch later.

In my search for the recliner? I find a listing for a reclining sofa and a recliner - and the only difference between this one and the one for $2000? (well besides being gently used)  is the craigslist one is in blue vs. the new one in brown fabric. For $100 - I can live with blue. I offered the guy an extra $25 and paying him in cash? And he's delivering the furniture to my place tomorrow.

I feel like I got a great deal. Now to deal with 'cleaning' out the furniture in the living room tonight so that when he arrives - it can be dropped into place.

Gotta love Craigslist!

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