Thursday, November 14, 2013


Oh the tides, they are a'fallin'.

I have found that my health cycles. And I'm falling down right now.

I do think that this past summer I was healthier than I have been for years.

I can only hope that as I am falling into this cycle of regression that it will be mild and short-lived.

I need to call my specialist again - am waiting to set up a follow-up appointment and discuss my current concers.

1) Adrenal support is still REALLY hard to tolerate. I feel like my engine is revving at 90 mph; but am unable to get out of first gear. The energy just revs and revs and yet, being able to do the simplest task - like putting away groceries wipes me out for hours.

2) Dizziness... it's back and it's bad. It's not the 'normal for me' dizzy spells which occur with head movements while I'm walking.... instead, I'm having difficulty while lying down. Any head/body movement while I'm not inclined? Totally rough. The good news is I am unlikely to fall since I'm already prone. But, it's not a good way to get comfortable to go to sleep at night.

3) Fatigue - I'm back to about 60% energy level down from 90%. Better than 10% ; but yuck.

4) leg, arm & back pain; headaches. miserable, but able to walk without limping for the most part

5) Brain fog... it's coming back. At it's worst - I can't type or talk with any ability to clearly communicate. It can take HOURS to get to the point where I can put together a sentence and then fix the typing errors. Thankfully, it's worst in the morning and better by mid-afternoon... hence my post is mid-afternoon. And thankfully work still lets me 'schedule' when I do certain types of activities as long as I get to the high priority items as early as physically possible. Thankfully I'm a fairly bright person to start with... because seriously? feeling brain damaged as it is - means that at least I can still do a decent job at work with the brainpower left. If I wasn't as smart as I am? I'm pretty sure I would have been let go by now with the issues I'm experiencing.

I am teaching part-time; and struggling. The day after class is 99% waste of effort to even try to work. As much as I enjoy the work - I'm just not sure it's going to be feasible to keep doing this if I'm still in a slump. I've got one more class next week - then a break until January. I'm going to hold  crossed fingers that my regression in this  health issue receeds before January. If not - I think I'll teach the first class and cancel the second class. I don't want to keep pushing myself if it just makes me worse in the end.

ETA: 6) Blurred vision. I knew I needed to put my current list of symptoms down - as my brain fog helps me forget things. I keep having episodes where I'm having trouble focusing. Everything in the world goes blurry. I have to look out further away and blink a bunch and can usually start focusing on whatever it is I need to see. So far, it's been primarily while on the PC/watching tv. Thankfully not while I'm driving. If that starts happening, I might need to start asking for help getting to and from work.

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