Monday, November 04, 2013

Turbo hamster

I had hamsters as a child... I had a LOT of hamsters as a young adult (ex swore he could tell male from female.... He couldn't).

My eldest had dwarf hamsters when he was young. So when little 'a' was old enough we went to the store and I let him pick out any hamster he wanted. I did notice that the hamster he picked out was small. I also noticed that the label on the cage was not dwarf.... But I paid little attention to the label 'robos'.

And funny enough no one at the pet store thought to give me a single word of warning.

Little Digger Turbo (he digs a lot and is really fast) got out of his cage this weekend. Again. Did I mention he was fast?

Go check it out on wikipedia..... I'll wait.


You would think they should warn people about what you are in for.... Just saying.

The comment 'are known for their speed' doesn't do it justice. They are like ten times faster than the other hamsters. Just as we would get him cornered one if us would say.... he's over here.... Then follow it with ..... And there he goes..... As he would again fly past us faster than we could react.

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