Friday, December 13, 2013

Starting MTHFR supplementation - on a 10 yr old

Little 'a' still doesn't have his genetics back. But we know he has at least some methylation issues due to myself having a few homozygous genetics in the cycle...

But where do you start? He still can't swallow pills... and going dairy free/gluten free will be like pulling nails.... sigh. I think 90% of his meals are primarily dairy and carbs.

1. 5 oz daily of a naked or equivalent brand fruit/veggie juice smoothie (he likes them, so this will be an easy sell).

2. when the sublingual methyl B12 arrives, we'll start him on one a day

Continue epsom salt baths three times a week

Current Symptoms:

High Anxiety
leg pains (that epsom salt baths help with)
Stomach pain and nausea
frequent constipation
frequently breaking out in hives (new allergies developed in the last six months)
experiencing frequent chills where he has trouble getting warm enough

Coping Other steps taken:

I've spoken with his IEP counselor and she got him to admit to what has been bothering him at school. He still never wants to go to school and asks me to check his temperature daily. I believe he feels ill, but not so ill that he can't go to school (i.e., no diahhrea, no fever, no vomitting). I think it's the combination of stress, anxiety and being ill that is making it hard for him to get through his days at school.  She's working on reducing his stress at school and working on helping him have both a better experience as well as talking to the teacher. I'm hoping they'll give him an option to take a break at the nurses office when he just needs a time out... but we'll see how things shake out. He's done better at getting ready for school this week and hasn't made too much of a fuss.

I'm trying to get more consistent with his anti-anxiety medication. He takes my phone from me the minute I get home from work (which is where my meds reminder alarm is set) and silences it which makes it easier for me to procrastinate and forget it. I'm going to work on a new system to make him more accountable and help us both with what we need to take care of.

I found a great 'meditation tool' that is hand made with recycled plastic bottle, glue glitter and water... I'm planning to make one for him over Christmas Break.

Next Steps:

I'm not having any luck finding a chewable methylfolate - but I have found a few chewable B vitamins with methyl folate, methyl B12 in them... now if I can find one with P5P in it - I think that's what we'll try.

Start him on a quarter dose of the opticleanse nutritional shake.

23andme replacement test has been ordered and should be shipping shortly. Hopefully this will work out and we'll get a good sample to verify his genetics against.

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