Friday, December 13, 2013

Starting over - myself

I had taken a couple of weeks off-supplements as things had gotten worse and I just needed to take a break.

Now, I'm starting back up - it's been about five days and I'm starting over and slowly. Slightly different tact as I'm sticking with the newest methylation specialist and will add back in other supplements without including all of the ones recommended by the original nutritional expert.

Half-dose (or slightly less) of Opticleanse daily shake
5-7 mg of L-5-methylfolate

-- on order is my methyl-B12  which I'll start up again when it arrives

I'm still taking epsom salt baths every other night and might actually increase it to nightly for a bit.

Current Symptoms/Severity:

Dizziness spells are slightly less frequent - maybe 5 a week over the 20 or so. Still pretty severe when they come... but thankfully over within a couple of minutes.

Fuzzy-headedness is still pretty severe. I probably am getting about two hours of work done in an eight hour day with limited ability to focus (please, lord, don't let me boss know it's me).

Leg pain is mild, but never ending.

Left shoulder pain that radiates down my arm - fairly mild and responding well to ibuprofen. (so definitely inflammation related)

Back pain has dissappeared (thank the skies for that!).

All over-ache (feels like flu) - still present, but not something that I'm not used to.

Severe muscle-based exhaustion - probably at about 40% of 'normal' energy level for about two hours a day now... but down to only about 25% the rest of the time. Conservation on use of energy and avoiding work is the word of the day.

Tingly/not-quite-right-sensation/mild numbness - seems to be limited to my arms and legs and my face. Funny... it almost always was my right-side before.... and always the whole side... now it's more equally distributed on left and right side, but just the bottom half of my legs, bottom half of my arms - and on both sides of my face. Mild - but annoying.

Had some trouble with my left ankle. It's been SUPER sore off and on over the last two weeks. Sometimes I limp, most of the time I don't... sigh. Didn't do anything to it... it just started to hurt.

Left breast - I have a new cyst that is starting to swell and cause pain with my cycle. It's pretty terrible about two days out of 14 (the length of my ridiculously short cycle). Not even noticeable the rest of the time. I go back for a mammogram next month... so they'll probably want to do an ultrasound (again) but I'm hoping to avoid the drainage procedure which causes pretty aweful pain for a good two weeks solid. We'll just see if it stays the same or worsens and I break down and get it treated.

Another symptom I rarely report - I've had swollen lymph nodes for about eighteen months now. Chronically swollen glands is probably not a good thing, huh? sigh. I keep hoping that with treatment things will get better and then maybe  if I deal with one part that other things will either lesson or at least not get me laughed out of the doctor's office.

Next Steps:

In a week, I'l up the methyl-folate dosage 5 mg.

A week later, another 5 mg added.

Then in a third week, I'll add the NAC back to the program

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