Saturday, December 21, 2013

Stupid, expensive mistake

My dentures have been rather uncomfortable ever since Thanksgiving. I had an allergic reaction to something I ate (can't imagine what - turkey, corn, steamed potatoes, and pumpkin custard-ish (basically hand-made pumpkin pie with no crust) where I used coconut milk in the ingredients). But it caused me to develop several canker sores on my gums... and even though those healed quickly, my gums were still sore and swollen and not appreciating my dentures.

So, I've been taking them out, putting them back in when I needed to... back out again and not being as responsible as I should have been. I managed to go to bed without putting them into the cleansers to soak over night.

And my dog found them

And my dog is a chewer.

And my dog chewed them.

The bottom  teeth (molars on a partial) are completely unusable.

The top? Lost most of the molars section... and had really rough edges and thick edges in the back. I tried cleaning them really well and wearing them. And I could wear them... but every time I tried to talk while wearing them - I would gag from the rough and thick edges near the back of my tongue. sigh.

My dental insurance is maxed out on what they will cover until the end of the year (thankfully less than two weeks away).

The regular dentist is closed until Monday. I was hoping they could sand down the surfaces for now, and maybe even get the molds started for new teeth to be ordered in the new year.

I thought about going to an emergency dentist because right now, I can't wear either denture.  Admittedly, even if we got the top ones into a usable state... I still wouldn't have molars on top nor bottom - so I'm back on a liquid diet again (sigh).

But, instead? I splurged and bought a dremel. I figured that it was highly unlikely the top teeth were going to be rescued as it was... and decided that I was unlikely to make them worse. It took a couple of goes at it... and there was enough surface removed (thanks dog, NOT) that there isn't enough to create the natural suction - so I'm stuck using adhesive... BUT, I am now able to wear the top teeth. I'm thinking that if I get creative with the adhesive, I might be able to manage to get the bottom teeth in as well... MAYBE. I imagine that it might not hold up to chewing... but I'd rather have them in than not just for appearance sake.

Hopefully now, next week, all I need to do is set up an appointment for the molds... insurance should cover 50% of the cost of the dentures (or at least I really REALLY hope so) and the remainder will end up having to go onto the account that I was at the last payment for to pay off the surgery from getting the dentures in the first place. sigh. At least I had been making larger than normal payments on the account which means there will at least be funds available.

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