Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Using nomorerack.com

A friend of mine recommended nomorerack.com to me.

I'd checked it out once, and thought that there wasn't much on the first few scrolls worth paying for shipping for.

That was before I realized it was $2 per item to ship things.

I didn't go back out there again to do any more shopping and almost forgot about it.

But, I was stuck at home about three weeks before Christmas and knowing that I was struggling to come up with good ideas for Christmas presents and worried about stretching my budget. I decided to do some online shopping and one of the places I checked out was nomorerack.com.

Admittedly, the two items I got without issue weren't very expensive and were only stocking stuffers. But I got them, they work VERY well (texting gloves and portable cell phone chargers) and went over really well as gifts.

The ONE thing I ordered, but never received, was of significantly higher value vastly discounted.

However, the fact that I didn't receive it was through no issue from the retailer. They shipped it within five days (when they stated five to ten days). The delivery was within two days of shipping (when it was estimated to be a five day window for shipping). However, the item was stolen off of my doorstep.

I reached out to the retailer since technically I hadn't received the product because I wasn't sure if I had any chance at recovering the money for then un-received item... but since I had paid with paypal (intentionally) I knew there was some possibility... I just didn't know the steps to file a claim.

I sent an email with the tracking details, the fact that it had been delivered, but never received and asked them about the next steps.

To be fair, I imagine the pre-Christmas emails around shipping issues was probably VAST and INSANE... but I don't think they read the email. Their response was something along the lines of 'you should have your tracking number by now and can research it to see what delivery timelines should be'. Um. Yeah. I told you the tracking number and that it had documented the date of shipped delivery IN THE PAST. The email wasn't very helpful.

I replied back indicating such... and got a second useless email. Something along the lines of 'it should be delivered by now' and only reply if you still don't have your package - with the 'ticket' closed. I replied back to that email indicating that if the delivery company had indicated that shipping was complete TEN DAYS ago and I still didn't have the package, that it was unlikely to ever get to me and in fact, was most likely stolen from my doorstep.

I got a third email. This time, they read the conversation (or if you believe my more cynical friends, we hit the magic three email mark where they just do whatever they can). I was worried about a long and lengthy process and filling out forms and all that and finding out at the end that theft at my doorstep wasn't something they had control over nor did they need to do anything about it.... and I instead got a full and complete refund. No more questions, no hesitation... they just gave me the money back for the item. Admittedly, they probably have their own paperwork for theft and insurance and all that. But, I'll have to admit. I was pretty impressed and relieved.

Initially, the event had me completely turned off about shopping online. And I do think before I do any 'big' shopping events that I'll have to decide if I want to ship my items to a different address. But, it's restored my faith in the fact that it's something worth pursuing again. I just wish there was an easier way to do things. And that my neighbors were more trustworthy. Though I do have to admit, I'm pretty sure that the culprits were the upstairs neighbors who moved out in the middle of the night a couple of nights after the item was stolen. No way to know for sure, of course... but most of my neighbors have been there for a bit and are pretty trustworthy and the only other 'new' neighbors? Are all semi-related to me.... lol.

But, this boils down to - I'll shop at nomorerack.com again. I'd recommend it to my friends. I'd recommend it to strangers. Admittedly, some of the things on there aren't for everyone and deals come and go. But, it seems like a pretty cool way to save some bucks and try new things.... and they stand behind their items. Which can mean an aweful lot!

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