Friday, January 03, 2014

More adventures in online dating in your 40's

It's funny the work we'll go to - to avoid certain subjects.

Two cases in point.

I am doing everything in my power to not call attention to the fact that I'm a grandmother.

1. my grandson is my son's fiance's son... even if it comes up in the conversation three times.

2. I am his dad's mother... yeah. I know. Still makes me grandma... but I don't have to use that 'word' - lol

Time enough in the future to talk about grandkids... but they really don't have to be things discussed on the first date... even if you are talking about already existing kids. I'm thinking that's for future date conversations... lol.


I wear dentures. I'm not really ashamed of wearing dentures and if asked... I'll admit to them. But who on earth asks if you are wearing dentures unless you've already been discussing the topic with them? I can bet guys on their first dates sure won't.

But here I am after a denture-atastrophy... (dog chewed them up). Trying to figure out how to delay our first official real date (not the meet for coffee thing) because my dentures are destroyed and it'll be two weeks before I can get fitted with new ones (a minimum of two weeks).

And I don't even want to bring up the subject that I wear dentures. Because while I'm sure he would be understanding that I'm too embarrassed to be out in public toothless... I really don't need him picturing me that way.

These things have to do with timing. I won't lie about them. I won't deny them. But I don't think they need to 'come up' all that soon. Soon enough after you find out if you really like each other, first.

So, what did I do ?

I took a dremel sander to the dentures I have and after two hours have now ground them down to the point where I think I can at least appear in public. sigh. They're not really functional. But, I think I can wear them to the office and to a movie and get away with it. Might need something to numb my gag reflex a little better... but, just maybe I can survive a couple of hours with them in?

I'm trying today. I'll see if I can last two hours. If so, then maybe I don't have to admit that I am avoiding our next date because my dog ate my teeth... good news is that it's such a bad excuse, that it's unlikely he'll think I'm lying about it.

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Mildred Moss said...

Whoa! It's unfortunate that you're facing that kind of problem. I can't believe the dog had a bite of your dentures. Hahaha! I do wish that you've had them replaced, though. I guess you're feeling pretty uncomfortable without them. Also, nobody should be ashamed of their age. So, I'm glad you're being very open about it. Take care! :)

Mildred Moss @ Dentures Done Right