Friday, January 10, 2014

One month progress - with starting over

So far, much better.

Not quite the dramatic uptick I saw last time... but I'm also starting out ever-so slower.

I'm currently still at :

half-dose of Opticleanse daily
ALA tablet, one per day
2 methylfolate L-5-MTHF - ES (10 mg) daily

Have added in one sublingual methyl B12 (when I remember it,  need to figure out a better option to make it easier to remembeer)

as well as

1 dropper of Vitamin D oil

Current Symptoms/Severity:

Dizziness spells are slightly less frequent - maybe 1-2 a week over the 20 or so. Still pretty severe when they come... but thankfully over within a couple of minutes.

Fuzzy-headedness is still improving. But plenty of room for more improvement.

Leg pain is mild, but never ending.

Left shoulder pain that radiates down my arm - almost gone.

Back pain still gone.

All over-ache (feels like flu) - still present, but not something that I'm not used to. Some episodes lately where it's been slightly worse.

Severe muscle-based exhaustion - probably at about 75% of 'normal' energy level for about two hours a day now... and down to only about 50% the rest of the time. Starting to try to focus the few bursts of energy I get into actual housework as best I can. No stamina, but I'm used to that.

Tingly/not-quite-right-sensation/mild numbness - seems to be limited to my arms and legs and my face. Funny... it almost always was my right-side before.... and always the whole side... now it's more equally distributed on left and right side, but just the bottom half of my legs, bottom half of my arms - and on both sides of my face. Mild - but annoying.

Had some trouble with my left ankle. - this is now gone (woot!).

Left breast - still cycling... not too bad lately, but due to worsen soon.

Swollen lymph nodes - still swollen. WIll have to remember to discuss with my next Integrative MD appointment.

Next steps:

Add in the other (missing) 5mg of Methylfolate.

Add in the NAC

Add in Vitamin C (need to investigate the 'better' forms to consider taking).

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