Monday, February 03, 2014

Month 2 - updated treatment plan

OK, third month in and some more mild improvement... and considering that I have a cold, I figure that still feeling better than before is really saying something.

half-dose of Opticleanse daily
ALA tablet, one per day
3 methylfolate L-5-MTHF - ES (15 mg) daily
NAC tablet, one per day
sublingual methyl B12 (occasionally 2)
1 dropper of Vitamin D oil

Have just added in 30 mg of Armour daily for border-line low TSH.

Within a week of adding the Armour, I'm feeling more rested in the morning (woot!).

Current Symptoms/Severity:

Dizziness spells are almost entirely absent!

Fuzzy-headedness is still improving. I'm having several hours of clarity every day - but more issues later in the day once fatigue has set in.

Leg pain is mild, but never ending.

Left shoulder pain that radiates down my arm - GONE.

Back pain no longer gone. Having a few mild re-occurances - not sure if it's related to the stress tied to my cold.

All over-ache (feels like flu) - still present, but not something that I'm not used to.

Severe muscle-based exhaustion - probably at about 75% of 'normal' energy level for about two hours a day now... and down to only about 50% the rest of the time. Starting to try to focus the few bursts of energy I get into actual housework as best I can. No stamina, but I'm used to that. -- still the same as last time.

Tingly/not-quite-right-sensation/mild numbness - seems to be limited to my arms and legs and my face. Funny... it almost always was my right-side before.... and always the whole side... now it's more equally distributed on left and right side, but just the bottom half of my legs, bottom half of my arms - and on both sides of my face. Mild - but annoying.

Had some trouble with my left ankle. - GONE

Left breast - still cycling... not too bad lately, but due to worsen soon.

Swollen lymph nodes - still swollen. WIll have to remember to discuss with my next Integrative MD appointment. -- totally spaced it because I had more urgent matters to discuss.

New symptom: brown powder/crystal? something in my urine stream not blood, and not dark urine... just some of the brown 'solids' that come out. Current plan is to make sure I keep adding more liquids in my diet and perhpas later check for gout and/or bladder stones. As it stands, there's no pain. So, hopefully they'll go away on their own.

Next steps:

Adding daily liposomal C to my daily supplements pile (well, separate from supplements but in the must remember to take pile).

And mostly just focus on getting over my cold and taking it easy (not an easy proposition when working two jobs).

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