Monday, March 17, 2014

High Stress and new injury - worried about another relapse

Stress has been identified as one of the potential triggers for flare ups in symptoms.

Friday night I was supposed to be dropping my youngest son 'a' off with his dad. Only, we never made it out of town.

There had been stopped traffic on the interstate.

And while I had managed to come to a stop quickly enough to avoid hitting someone? Someone behind me wasn't so lucky - and rear-ended my car. Thankfully, we were all able to walk away - even the secondary collision that happened about 20 feet behind us involving two cars and a semi. Not sure about the accident a half-mile further East - that was the root behind the traffic at a complete stop in all lanes on the Interstate.

Sadly, my car is no more.

And, even worse? I have moderate whiplash.

I spent the weekend dealing with unbelievable frustration and irritation at the car rental agency who never managed to get me a rental car even after multiple reservations made and complaints escalated. And two trips to the airport, plus standing in line for over 30 minutes in extreme pain.

But this morning, I finally got through to the one person who was able to retrieve the original reservation made by my insurance company. Only, he couldn't provide a vehicle either. He was, however, able to forward my reservation to the office of the car rental company that has served me extremely well over the past couple of years... and they got me a car within 10 minutes.

I had said to my son that I should just go deal with it myself with the office I liked, only I was trying to follow the directions I had been given. That's what I get for trying to follow directions.  I should just stick with my gut.

Now, I'm at the rough spot of hurting like the dickens due to the whiplash and nothing I'm taking or doing is lessoning the pain. But I'm doing my best to keep the inflammation down, got the xrays taken finally (now that I've got a car)... and hopefully the insurance company will mostly be really helpful with taking care of those bills. And if not, then I can always sue the pants off of them for the pain and suffering.

But, now I'm mostly worried about how I'll be feeling in the near future. I felt like I was climbing back out of the whole I'd gotten into health-wise. Stress and injuries tend to spiral downward with my health and I just don't need that on top of everything else.

We had originally planned to go to Colorado this week... my son is driving. And I think I'm still going to do it. I might spend most of our little bit of free time we get laying down in the hotel room. But it's away from home and the stress there. If I'm going to hurt no matter where I am, and the doctor did verify that going shouldn't cause new harm... so I might as well be someplace more scenic than home!

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