Saturday, March 29, 2014

Trouble sleeping

Things are not going all that well around here.

Two weeks ago I got rear ended on the interstate - both cars totalled. While I did walk away (and thank all that is good in the world that my 10 yr old is fine)... I still managed to get whiplash out of the deal.

I'm not going to go into the details, because it feels like the guy who hit me is maybe trying to lay blame elsewhere and I'm not sure this won't all end up in court if things go poorly.

But I will say, whiplash sucks. My head has hurt for 14 days straight. My neck? AGONY repeatedly. Ice does help, but you have to take breaks. I have some shooting pains in my shoulder that occasionally migrate down the right side of my back... mostly I think from stiff/tight muscles who don't like the pain I'm in. Lots of ibuprofen and heating pads on those muscles. Lots of trip to the chiropractor and he's helping the muscles remember that being loose instead of tight is less pain. The treatments are helping and with each treatment I feel a slight improvement. But there's A LONG road ahead of me and every step feels like it's just not going far enough, fast enough.

My first big mistake after the accident? I had already scheduled a driving trip to Colorado. OMG. BIG MISTAKE. DO NOT... I REPEAT NEVER, EVER take a 10 hour drive within four days of being rear ended. I thought I was in pain before we left. Pain meds just don't touch it (well, the ones I can take anyway... being allergic to strong pain meds is a big pain).

Second big mostake? Catching a head cold. Every sneeze, every cough is pretty much followed up with a moan or a cry or a yell. I've been brought to tears multiple times today over sneezing.

Now, I've got two days without having to work in front of me, hello weekend, we love you.

But then I have to go to MN for work and am so NOT looking forward into getting into a car for a road trip again. I'm packing a neck pillow, some one-time-use ice packs and am going to curl up into a ball in the corner of the car and try not to weep the whole drive. As if my life wasn't stressful enough before.

It's always something, and lately? it's been beating the crap out of me.

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