Wednesday, May 28, 2014

MTHFR, methylFolate and gout?! sigh

Chemistry was never a strong suit of mine. I took Geology in college for my 'science' credit.

Bio-chemistry is still far over my head.

But, now I want to dig further.

For folks with MTHFR taking methylfolate, there is a general consensus that sometimes high purine diet helps - increasing the beef, and other high purine value foods.

I haven't done that. Not hat I don't enjoy a rare, good steak... but it is normal for me to eat lots of soups and low-beef foods. High vegies, high fruits, moderate protein.

AND based on basic googling research, it appears that MTHFR impacts methylation cycle and can impact the bodies ability to process purine... which can convert to uric acid. Too much uric acid can result in gout flare ups.

Gout is exceptionally rare among patients having trouble with MTHFR impacting their health.

But, the more I think about it ... what I'm experiencing does make some sense.

If with MTHFR, the body isn't breaking down purine well... then it's not producing high amounts of uric acid.

Before I started treating MTHFR I never experienced any symptoms of gout.

Once I started taking methylfolate I had a couple of episodes with gout pain - but didn't know what it was. My big toe would just hurt like the dickens and I would brush it off thinking I was so clumsy I didn't even remember how I had hurt it. But at the point of starting to take methylfolate - I was starting to convert more purine into more uric acid because I was 'fixing' the process that does that conversion by supporting it.

Now, after almost a year of HEAVY dosing on methylfolate, I'm starting to have multiple symptoms of gout and multiple flare ups and finally have a diagnosis.

Here's the rub... I finally find something that helps me with ALL my other health issues - and it brings up a brand, new condition?!  I don't want to go back where I was... but I do need to figure out a way to manage things such as to cut back the flares.

If you have gout and are reading this, so far, my BEST treatment I'm getting is taking doses of the alkaline mineral A-C Carmabide. It's not that expensive, it cuts the pain of the flare VERY quickly and within a couple of days the flare is gone. But, I'd really like to figure out what to modify in my diet, and or supplement support to help reduce flares. I tend to forget my B12 supplement since it's sublingual and should be taken apart from my other supplements... more research is needed, but at least I'm finally to the point where some of this stuff is starting to make sense.


Lisa Francis said...

My father has just had exactly the same thing happen to him.

Jatin Shukla said... has more info on l methylfolate dosage

wolfdaddy said...

interesting, but this line did not fit: Gout is exceptionally rare among patients having trouble with MTHFR impacting their health.

also, do you still believe this 3 years later?

Penny said...

From the posts I was reading on Phoenix Rising which is approximately 80% female, of those who have MTHFR issues, NONE have reported Gout or gout-like symptoms except myself. Which is where I started. Digging further on various MTHFR sites and in posts from MTHFR specialists, Gout just doesn't seem to be an issue. The theory that MTHFR genes assist the methylation process and the methylation process helps turn purines into uric acid, then... if it is impaired, you won't have as much uric acid in your system. Gout is caused by a build up of excess uric acid.

I do still have some episodes where I experience gout-like episodes, almost entirely related to the food I'm eating - shellfish, more than 4 oz of red meat, strawberries... I've since been told that gout is the build up of uric acid over decades and one meal won't 'trigger a flare'. But I've got anecdotal evidence from men diagnosed with gout that says otherwise.

Do I have gout? No idea, I'm not willing to go through a major flare long enough to get diagnosed. My doctor won't diagnose me without witnessing a major flare in his office. When I follow a diet fairly low in purines, I seem to do ok with only an occasional flare up.

Tart Cherry supplements are the BOMB for gout flares, and when I mess up my diet and have a flare, I can usually nip it in the bud super quickly with them. If it's not gout, then it certainly does feel like it, acts like it, and responds like it (the tart cherry suggestion came from a diagnosed gout patient - he went so far as to plant a tart cherry tree in his back yard, he believes in it so much).

Rob and Rachel said...

Hello! Glad to have found this. I am just now starting to get into heavy MTHF supplementation. I see this comment was 4 years ago now. I am having the same problem as you, I know it. Seems like gout from all I've read about it. I've had regular arthritis from gluten and even good stuff like vitamin C/turmeric/NAC/glutathione. I've never had gout though.

So, I guess I'll try the tart cherry? Fructose is not a problem there? Also, are you still having the gout issue? I hope you respond! I feel the same as you, because the MTHF helps with ALL my other symptoms, but this gout might be a dealbreaker. :-((((((((((((((