Friday, May 09, 2014

Set backs, lessons being learned and always starting over

I've been having health issues lately as a result of a car accident. Which won't get discussed here as this is a public forum and I don't know where it's going right now.


I had another gout flare up... well, I think it might be gout. Doctor tells me he thinks it's gout. But I've never gotten tested for it yet. I waited to take the supplement that really helps it while I reached out to my doctor as I  was thinking that with my next flare up he had planned on getting me tested for it. Only he didn't request any testing, just prescribed an N-SAID... which the supplement I'm taking works better than that... so I didn't bother to get it filled.

I'm taking A-C carbamide... and within four hours of the first dose, the pain is knocked in half... and within a day the pain is down to a dull ache and gone completely within four days.

The first symptoms I noticed and followed up on was tiny brown 'specks' in my urine - which didn't cause any pain. It's happened twice and I reached out to the doctor and his first thought was 'gout'. (Mine was kidney stones, I'm not sure this is better).

I didn't think about what 'gout' means to me, just that my 25 yr old son has a doctor telling him that he thinks he has gout as well (oh, boy!).  So, now we both feel like fat, old men (and aren't).

Within two days my big toe started to REALLY hurt. And while I've had severe pain in my big toe before, this was probably the first time in a long time that I KNEW I hadn't stepped on something or done something to it. I think in the past, I had always assumed that I had hurt it.

It didn't take long on google to tie together the big toe pain and the possibility of gout.  Now, about three months later the gout pain is back. It's bad enough that I end up limping. And I'm a little ticked that I didn't start taking supplements right away (worried that if I address the uric acid too quickly that it wouldn't work well if we were going to get tested.

I think I need to focus on diet next because I'd far rather work on the prevention side of things over just managing the flare ups... and I'll find out if the A-C carbamide could be used as prevention vs. reaction.... but diet first, if at all possible. But of course, between it and MTHFR and post-gall-bladder and post-dentures issues... my diet is already quite affected. We'll see what I can do to improve things though...

Interesting enough - one of the causes of gout is improper digestion... wonder if that ties into MTHFR or what all.... it does tend to run in the family and I might have just managed to past on a host of nasty genes.


So, lo and behold I ran out of my methylfolate supplements... went online and (as I usually do), I found the last order and placed an order after verifying that it's the same version of it that I had gotten in the past. I don't know how long I've been off... But I go through a TON of these pills and I'm pretty certain over the past year I've always ordered the same item because I always use order history to find the item I need to replace. ONLY... one year ago it was 5 mg a capsule (like 8000% of RDA)... and I happened to glance at it the other week to realize it's 10 mg a capsule... and I was taking double the already exceptionally high dosage.

I'm wondering if this is part of why I've struggled a little with taking the supplements. I'd been out for a couple of weeks as it was. So it felt like time to take a fresh look at the supplements I'm taking and working on making sure they all work for me. I took a week-long time out from all supplements.

Lo and behold (again) no diahrrea. I added one supplement at a time and again... diahrrea back. I can't take the Opticleanse without it coming back. And I think I've finally eliminated enough of my dietary triggers that it became easier to prove what was causing it.  So, now I need to reach out to the doctor to find an alternative... which might end up being dozens of pills to get the nutrients packed into it individually... but I'm at a point in my life where the chronic diahrrea (almost 5 years of it with over 5 days out of every 7 having diahrrea)... that it's just not acceptable to deal with it any longer.

So, right now I'm down to the following:

First thing in the monring, empty stomach - Armour - Thyroid medicine

Within an hour - with food
10mg alternated with 20 mg of Methylfolate (instead of 15 mg every day)

About an hour after lunch and an hour before my afternoon 'meal'

1000 mg of liposomal Vit C

About an hour after my afternoon 'meal'
1 mg of methyl B12 (want to go to 2 mg - maybe after my dinner?)

2 capsules up to 4 x per day of A-C carbamide as needed
Ibuprofen as needed

Slowly, but surely, I'm crawling back out of the dark again.

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