Thursday, July 31, 2014

Next steps?

I've been to the rheumatologist. We're still waiting on test results, but the doc didn't think it would be likely we would find anything.

Nuerology appointment in November.

In the meantime, I'm feeling a bit fed up with seeking answers - again... and still without any hope for an effective treatment.  Funny thing. Even with conditions with no cure - they usually at least have some ideas of treatments to help manage symptoms. I can have the same symptoms - but because I'm undiagnosed - then I'm not eligible for the same treatments.

They did suggest getting a lump biopsied to see if we can figure out what the lumps are.  Not the end of the world if we do that. It's just that my issues are bigger than the lumps themselves.


So, my current plan is to restart the MTHFR treatments... slowly and surely. See if I can figure out if things worsen or improve.

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